Also, concerning Teh Pink

February 21, 2008 § 1 Comment

Yay, I weaved in the last ends! Linda’s Fetching Mitts are done, done, done!

The second mitt looks a little smaller than the first one, but I think (hope) that this is mainly from me trying out the first one so much. It’s not really noticeable though, only when you put them onto each other. (I wonder if mitts could get pregnant how long it would take for the little mitts to be born. and grow up) But yeah, they’re finishhhhed. And I think I’m gonna make myself a pair or two as soon as I get the yarn. Which ideally is tomorrow :D

The good thing about using the Merino 2000 and 4mm needles is that they’re pretty light spring gloves, and you have a ton of leftover yarn. The pattern said there was barely anything left over, but apparently not with this yarn! Go yarn.

The mods I ended up making due to the yarn:

instead of 18 rows of 4×1, do 6cm measured w/o needle (22)

5 instead of 4 between thumb and cable round

Thumb: 8 on upper needle, 7 on lower (I just ended up with this many, I don’t really know why :D But like this, the thumb is nice and loose even for my sausage fingers)


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