February 24, 2008 § Leave a comment

I just finished my Sooper Sekkrit project!

Despite what the pattern said I only used one ball of each color – teal and khaki – instead of 4 balls total. Although it was really close on the khaki, I only had about 30 cm left in the end and was afraid I’d have to start the second ball, since I intended to return it if it wasn’t started. But now Sammy wants a khaki baby alpaca nautie toy, so I’ll keep the khaki, and I was going to keep the teal anyway. I really fell in love with that color. Mmmmmh.

Ah, I’m so glad they’re done though. I usually have this fear of not getting things done on time, just like with these, but I still got weeks till they’re due. So I can relax now. I wish I could post pictures… :P

The second part isn’t quite like the first one due to me miscounting, but it’s not really noticeable even when they’re atop each other. I knit about a quarter of the second part at the Stricktreff the day before yesterday (having to rip out several rows because I started to increase every row instead of every third row, just great.), but the majority of the second part I did today, listening to Enid Blyton’s ‘St. Clare’s’ series on audiobook while knitting. Well, 4 hours of it, and then I was done. Yay!

I’m going to experiment with the stash function on Ravelry now. Yay, I’m done!



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