Aye for nubs

February 28, 2008 § Leave a comment

I’m actually really satisfied with the nubby washcloth. I did screw up the weaving in on the CO corner – I wanted to make a loop, but it looked ridiculous and by the time I realized that, there was no way I could undo my meticulous weaving in :D But, oh well, it’s a washcloth for god’s sake.

I was kind of worried how much it stretched in the water – the nubby mesh part in the middle (YO, SKP, next row k) is really elastic to the point where I thought I’d ruined it. But now that it’s dried, it’s pretty much just… blocked. It looks good, I’ll post pictures as soon as I have batteries for my camera charged. And what’s even more important is that I think it works. It feels nice and … scrubby, I guess, even if you have to ball it up. My skin certainly feels smoother now, but that might be an illusion. But I did like showering with it, and I might knit another one. Maybe on even smaller needles for more support.

The only problem with it is that it’s too structured for the face. I tried it, and it was just too harsh, so I guess I’ll just have to… knit another washcloth :D it’s not like I have a million queued at ravelry :D My hand still hurts, but knitting is actually possible (even though my mother says it might be from too much knitting, sigh) and I started my Itty bitta batty Watty Bat washcloth in purple today. It is the silliest name I could come up with, I like Sammy’s ‘Batcloth’ (the name, that is) much better but that would be just copying, right?


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