Sea life and other scary creatures of the depth

March 7, 2008 § Leave a comment

I hate sea food. I can stand fish if I don’t have a choice (except not have dinner, and that is just not a choice in my book), but then Sammy freaked out about wanting a Nautiloid toy and who am I to resist a gorgeous lady like that?

So I knit a freaking luxury nautie. I had a skein of each color left after I finished the Sooper Sekkrit project (the khaki, I barely kept a foot, so I can see why they called for twice the amount of yarn) so I knit the coiled shell in khaki Baby Alpaca, and the face in pink cashmere, and stuffed the whole thing with sheep’s wool. The eyes are black merino leftovers. So this is about the cuddliest and most luxurious nautilus of all time, period.

I also knit a small one with off-white sock yarn, it’s only about 2 inches since I BO with 15 sts on the needles. I didn’t knit a face for it either (since that was freaky) but just knit the head, and stuck it into the shell the wrong way before sewing it shut. So now there’s a little dip in the opening. Actually, for my spring/summer deco, I’m thinking about knitting some more of them, and maybe some cone snail shells or something, to put into a wood bowl of sand.

Concerning the Other Scary Creatures Of The Depth, the lacy thong. -.- I was all done last night, except for the crochet picot edge. And then I tried it on and I made it too big D: I CO 88 on each side and it was so huge… and the thing was too short. So I frogged the entire waistband (silent crying) and the back panel and crocheted some stitches between the front and back panel. Sigh. I stopped CO after 30 sts or something last night since I was just too dissatisfied and annoyed. I planned on finishing it tonight but I’m still so annoyed with it. At least the yarn (Lana Grossa Gala, 48% Silk, 24% Rayon, 17% Linen, 11% Polyamide, Color 13 red) is nice enough and there’s gonna be a lot left over. So maybe I’ll knit another thong (different pattern though) with it, or something entirely else. A hairband maybe :D But I already have a red one. But I could make a more elegant one with it, slip stitch pattern or something… we’ll see.


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