Stress relief and wishlists

April 3, 2008 § Leave a comment

My therapy socks – I could also call them spring socks or outdoorsy socks, the color is so nice and reminiscent of a meadow – are progressing better than I thought. I can do half a pattern repeat (4 rows) in 8 minutes and I’ve been taking it everywhere. Even though I’m mortally afraid of one of my bamboo DPNs might break. They knit very well though – I like the lightness and the smooth, but not too smooth feeling.

… I want Ebony needles from Holz und Stein. Or KnitPicks Harmony. Selana had hers with her at the Knitting Meetup and they felt awesome, though I’m sot of skeptical about the shortness – they’re two inches shorter than my other DPNs. Hm.

I also discovered the Tausendschön online shop and fell in love with the Erdbeerbecher. I really like the Golden October and the Koi, too, but the Erdbeerbecher has such a spring/summer feeling to it I just wanna knit it RIGHT NOW. But €11 is kind of expensive (with shipping; still cheaper than Wollmeise though and almost as pretty as her Rhabarber), so I decided to see how well my exams go, esp. history. And if I have a feeling I did well, I’m gonna treat myself. Gotta set goals, cause I’m fucking sick of studying!!!


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