Hat! Hathathat!

April 15, 2008 § Leave a comment

I finished the teal hat today. This is my first project that was largely done in public, due to a very frustrating shoe shopping trip with my dainty-footed mother and sister. Sigh.

Any way, this hat doesn’t look anything like the Odessa hats I’ve made before, and I have no idea why. Although… I only CO 85 stitches instead of 110 cause the yarn was thicker. Maybe you’re supposed to use a number divisible by ten? Or eleven? (the decreases go in steps of eleven) Yeah, that might be it… oh well. It’s all pretty and girly though (not that the Odessa hat isn’t). The decrease looks like a star, or the sun, especially cause I felt I’d screwed them up so royally that for the last couple of rows, I ditched the pattern and decreased in stockinette. So… yay!

Plus, it looks pretty cool inside out, which is another advantage over the Odessa hat.

Honestly, I should make this into a pattern. There’s no copyright on stitch sequences.

Pictures? Pictures!

inside out

the crown


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