Sommer, Palmen, Sonnenschein

May 11, 2008 § Leave a comment

I’m more than halfway done with the leg of the second Primavera. After those, I won’t be done with the pattern though – I gave my mom a voucher for a pair of socks in a pattern and with yarn she wants, and she requested a pair of Primavera in red. Which is alright, I might make the legs a little shorter (11 or 12 reps) or something, and make the ribbing slightly longer.

At the same time, I’m scrolling through my Ravelry Queue looking for something new to do. I discovered I have 26 adult sock patterns plus three baby sock patterns. *facepalm* And also I added the Hemlock Throw, which is amazing, but also uses 300g of yarn. Thick, though, on 6mm needles. I’d have to get a super long 6mm circ for that though. It looks like fun. Maybe when it’s not as warm – in the fall. As therapy for Uni starting, and as a housewarming gift to myself maybe? (at least the yarn)

Once I’m done with my oral exam, I’m planning on weighing, photographing and cataloging my stash on Ravelry. Long overdue, really. I like to be organized. I mean, the are sort of organized, in plastic bags according to yarn type (wool, cotton, sock, luxury), but, you know. It’d be nice to have a better overview.

Iiiiiiiii want ebony sock DPNs. Or KnitPicks Harmony. Sigh.


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