Yarn pirate weathering the storm

May 17, 2008 § Leave a comment

Despite my headache from hell and a cold, I finished the Primavera socks last night. Yay!

P1000674 P1000686P1000787 P1000789

And today I went to Dortmund. In the rain. And I forgot to take an umbrella. -.- But I desperately needed new yarn, I knit about 3 or 4 rows of the damnable Q sock on the way there and it was horrible and they’re never gonna be finished. But at least I’m only really working on one sock at a time now, I suppose? And at least my feet were warm and snug in my Primaveras! The foot has stretched a bit now, like they always do, and I’m really glad I made the foot relatively short. It looks weird when they’re not being worn, but, you know.

So, anyway. I met a guy from the class under me, Markus Dell, who had some time left before the soccer game (uggh so many drunk soccer fans in the city :/) and came with me to buy some yarn. We talked mostly music and books on the way there and back, and I bought 200g of sock yarn for €9. Brown, tweedy yarn for Sammy’s Mojo socks, and red-pink yarn for the socks I gave my mom a voucher for on mother’s day.

P1000792 P1000795 P1000797 P1000798

I brought my bamboo DPNs for the way back (yay trains), and good thing I did! I hung out at the station for almost an hour cause the train I thought I’d take didn’t stop where I needed it to, and the train I could take came 45 minutes later. Except it had a 10 minute delay. -.- Ah, public transportation. But apart from the freezing cold I didn’t mind as much, since, you know. More time to knit.


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