Toothpicks. Waxed. Toothpicks.

May 21, 2008 § Leave a comment

‘Oh Captain, my Captain!’ say the boys in Dead Poets’ Society to their teacher. I said ‘Oh! Toothpicks. Waxed toothpicks!’ when I started working with my 15 cm DPNs today. It’s odd, certainly, and it takes some getting used to  to not have huge chunks of wood  protruding at 8 points in your knitting.

But honestly? I’m in love. While they still feel somewhat waxy (it’s waxed bamboo after all), they’re a lot easier and more stress-free to handle than the regular ones. I don’t have a problem with 20 cm DPNs, mind. But these are simply superior to knit with! Especially since I’m decreasing right now – I did rip out the toe already, and finishing that now before continuing the second sock (probably with the short ones then) – so with only 10 stitches on each needle they still don’t get tangled and unwieldy as 20 cms do.

The only problem I fear is the knitting just slipping down and off them, since they’re so short. But then, they do have a good grip to them, so I’m hoping for the best and am starting to snoop around the house for a transportation case.


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