Stash OCD what?

May 24, 2008 § Leave a comment

Wow. I just wound yarn leftovers into a total of 17 center-pull balls, weighed them, photographed them, labeled them and organized them in my Ravelry stash. A total of 260 grams, ranging from bulky to sock weight. Mostly Lana Grossa Joker though, 8 different colors, I bought a bunch on sale for Christmas presents last year and I had so much left over. But now my hands feel pretty much crippled. Good thing I wound them on a wine bottle though, and not on my thumb. Ah, shiny.

I also went to a Ren Faire today and bought a bag of about 150 grams’ worth of different rovings. I’m hoping to make a spindle on Monday, get up earlyish to go to Praktiker and get a wheel for the whorl and a wood axis before work. V. exciting. I can’t wait, I just wish the spinning wheel we have upstairs as deco actually worked. And/or that I could go to the spinning meetup on Wednesday, but as luck has it I have to work.



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