Ich glaub’, ich spinne…

June 10, 2008 § Leave a comment

So, the spindle.

I kinda fucked up, I guess. I should’ve pre-drafted more than I did, all my prep was pulling a piece off of the roving and just going on with it. Not the best approach, I guess, and the roving kind of balled up behind my hand. Accordingly, my single went from bulky to laceweight and back to worsted within a couple of inches, though by the end I felt like it was becoming more even. Probably because by the end, I was spinning what had balled up behind my hand, which I’d eventually ripped off and then carefully untangled and pulled to a thinner strand.

The thickness of the yarn is probably what makes the spindle stop so soon, which is quite annoying.

So I’ll try again tomorrow, when I have more time, prep the roving to a nice, thin strand, and give it a proper go. And wrap it around my wrist to keep it from tangling with the already spun yarn.

The already spun yarn.

Holy moley, I’m making yarn. From wool.  Crazy.

I’ve also already started to research natural dyeing methods. I mean, the color of the roving is a gorgeous creamy white, but… ya know. Birch leaves and onion peel appeal (haha, get it? appeel!) to me the most, so I guess I’ll have to force my family to collect their onion peel now. :P


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