June 10, 2008 § Leave a comment

Now that I have money to spend, I do. A lot. On knitting, unsurprisingly.

I don’t even have all my new purchases stashed away, let alone photographed or organized in Ravelry. (I think I might do that tonight though, at least cataloging it, my camera’s broken)

I bought some plain yellow Regia sock yarn for a hat, and some Filatura di Crosa purple yarn with teal bumps in it because it was cheap and has 7% Mohair, which I’ve never worked with. It’s very intriguing though, and I might do a hat or gloves or something out of it.

And then, when I just got back from yarn shopping, a huge-ass box was waiting for me – the Wollkiste from the German swap comm Tauschrausch on Ravelry. Yay! I took 300g out total, two balls of sock yarn (Trekking XXL in subtle shades of red and orange, and SuperSoxx in stripey orange, red, white and brown) and *gasp* Rowan yarn. Yorkshire Tweed in Barley. I have no clue what to do with it, except it’s gonna have to be a pretty intricate pattern considering the yarn is rather plain. Well, not plain. It’s a creamy-brownish color and pretty structured for a 4-ply, but it just screams for some lace. And it’s in 25g balls. oO Weird. But all the more reason to treasure it. Rowan!

Anyway, so I put the gold-purple shiny yarn in there, and the teal version of the purple wool/mohair yarn. And then I went bra shopping with my mother, and got so frustrated that I went up to Karstadt’s yarn section, which isn’t too bad considering its location, and bought 4 50g balls of Regia Micro Bamboo Spray in a light brown variegated shade. 2 for the swap box and two for me. Sigh.

And then the bottom whorl spindle plus 100g of roving I ordered off of Wollschaf.de on Thursday arrived.

So basically, it’s the 10th, and I’ve spent a total of about €65 on knitting and/or spinning this month.



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