Yarnaholics in the family

June 22, 2008 § 1 Comment

My godfather’s birthday yesterday, and while he and my dad proceeded to ‘sample’ the Hennessey he had around, his wife Gabi and I talked knitting, which was awesome. I forgot my sock bag and my shawlette from my first handspun (and it is gorgeous and bohemian, I tell you) at home, but she had stuff lying around that was really fascinating. One of them was a scarf with a pretty intrigueing, yet dead simple AND reversible pattern!

CO about 10
k one row
Set-up round: k1, [YO, k1] to last st, k1 (no YO before edge st)
All following rounds: k1, [YO, k2tog] to last st, k1

I’m currently trying to decide what yarn I should use to make a light scarf with this. I tried my Rowan tweed, but I realized that this was yarn to show off a pattern, while this is a pattern that shows off the yarn. Gabi gave me two balls of yarn (free yarn! yay!), one tweedy eggplant, one fuzzy light lilac, both about 50g (haven’t weighed them yet, but they don’t look much used) so I might try with one of those. Preferably the eggplant yarn. But it’s only 50g, and you can’t get a scarf from that. Unless I made another shawlette/neckwarmer… that would be almost ideal. I’d just have to buy a pretty button for it. Which, all things considered, isn’t a chore.

Speaking of buttons! I went through my mother’s button collection yesterday, looking for a toggle for the handspun neckwarmer, and found a handful of tiny autumn leaves! Someday I’m gonna use them to embellish something – I thought of putting them on the handspun, but it’s so nice and natural and bohemian on its own, and not worth using those on it :D And I found some other tiny buttons with silver ‘harem’ patterns on them. Ah. Buttons. Loved sorting ’em as a little kid, love using ’em now.


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  • pistenschabe says:

    hallo =)

    ich schreib dir einfach mal hier ganz kurz was, weil du ja irgendwie nie on bist..

    kannst du mir vll für donnerstag abend bei lara das große foto mit dem rahmen mitbringen, was ihr mir zum geburtstag geschenkt habt bzw. schenken werdet?! ;)

    danke!! und bis donnerstag

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