A week in knitting

September 17, 2008 § Leave a comment

Well – the last week has been truly knittastic! I’ve barely done anything else I didn’t have to, which surprisingly enough does include swimming, shopping and cooking as well as bathroom breaks.

But. I made two pairs of Dashing mitts, one for myself and one for my sister’s birthday. I attempted to make a matching hat for my pair, but when I was almost done I realized that a) I had run out of yarn and b) that it was too small and I had to rip it back up anyway.

Then I started the Elf Socks a couple of times and ripped them up almost as often – in fact, I think I’ll frog the current attempt too.

Frogged the yellow hat as well, might start it again on bigger needles, though it’s getting a little chilly for a thin hat like that.

And – I started the Aerang Shawl. In the 5-ply Micro Bamboo Spray that I had lying around, except I bought 200 g more cause it was on sale? I was halfway through the first Chart 2 repeat when I realized I’d fucked the left side up and had to rip it apart again, but it was worth it. I started the  second Chart 2 repeat today and it’s starting to look pretty amazing.

TV was at the Strickcafe today, v. exciting. I blabbed something about how knitting used to be men’s work in 18th century Scotland and attempted to work a heel over the stitches of one needle, and generally had a blast.

Man, knitting! I get all jittery when I don’t have anything in my hands when I watch something, and believe me, I’ve watched a crapload. Including Seasons 3 and 4 of Queer as Folk.

Good lord.


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