Yarnless in Odessa

March 5, 2009 § Leave a comment

So, a central part of my plan for today was to go down to Watkins Glen and buy Finger Lakes Fibers empty, or at least relieve them of a kilometer or so of laceweight.

But then Libby, my host sister, and I went to Walmart (where I checked out Red Heart and Caron’s Simply Soft – if I have space left, I think I’m gonna take them to make that afghan I’m planning), and then to Arby’s (where I had that Roast Beef Burger I’d been craving for the last two and a half years), and we arrived at FLF at exactly 5.09pm.

Precisely nine minutes after the damn store closes.

So I just pressed my nose to the windowpane, oohing and aahing at “oh my god, look at that Malabrigo!” and “they have Lamb’s Pride” and “IS THAT LOUET???” and… yeah. Major disappointment. I can’t believe we got there NINE MINUTES after the store closed.

So I’m gonna go again Saturday, earlier this time, and spend some major money there. At least some lace and fingering, for the shawls. And the… thingy. Cardi. The striped one.

It looked good from the outside, though… with a spinning wheel in the window and everything. Sigh.


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