March 12, 2009 § Leave a comment

When people are confusing, knitting sometimes seems like the only thing that holds me together. Seriously.

Ty and Adam are sending mixed signals galore – rolling around on the floor, all over each other, and suddenly they’ll turn and pounce on me, until we end up in a big pile with me on the bottom, Adam between my legs with his head resting on the top of my boobs, and Tyler half on us. Or they’ll compliment my rack or say weird shit like “if I ever cheat, it will be with Patti”.

So, knitting. Nice, predictable, I can work out the kinks without fretting, and I’ve also done this pattern before. I finished the budding lace pattern – 19 repeats instead of 14 – yesterday during the play practice, and started the Lily of the Valley this morning. I kind of did miss the nubbs, but I also didn’t.

I wish people could be as straightforward as knitting. Or that there was a pattern for people where you could look, compare and see what went wrong so you can fix it. Ugh.


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