Wer hat an der Uhr gedreht?

March 16, 2009 § Leave a comment

God, I can’t believe my two weeks here are already over.

It’s surprising how much knitting I got done, because looking back I was always somewhere doing something, or at least it feels that way, yet I have an almost complete shawl and half a back of a cardigan, and one and a half fingerless mitts that didn’t get finished because my needles broke. And also because I got sick of them, but hey.

I’m just pulling a lifeline through the stitches in my cardi – I’ll try and take it on the plane with me, but just in case. I’d be sad to see these needles go, they’re good ones, but, you know, it’s worth a try. Plus they’re a whole lot less sharp than your average pencil, so I’m hoping. I packed a couple of skeins of the Berroco to wind into balls, just in case, just to give me something to do. Hands busy.

A whole lot of people are coming to the airport to see me off – Lib and Martin, two thirds of my host siblings, my host dad, Adam, and randomly the current, Swiss exchange student David. Not mom and Sierra, they have to be at work and in class, and not Tyler either, because he can’t call in sick.

Ugh, I hate to go. I’d rather just stay here and become a crazy old knitting cat lady somewhere around here, with the Finger Lakes right around the corner, some of my favorite people in the world closeby, and amazing yarn at my fingertips.

Ding dong ding – I can hear the chapel bells chime […] Lida Rose, I’m home again, Rose, without a sweetheart to my name…


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