Stormy weather

March 17, 2009 § Leave a comment

So, the Tempest. I discovered that indeed, you can take your knitting on the plane – in fact, I wasn’t even the only one, a lady across the aisle from me pulled out a burgundy thing at the same time as I was rummaging through my bag for the back piece. I actually got a LOT done – the back is done, and so is the left front. Or at least, that’s what I thought. Because in actuality, I just counted the mini stripes in the waist shaping, and there were four. Why is that bad? Because there’s supposed to be six of them. (I say mini stripes because I have three stripe kinds – 10-row, 4-row and 2-row, because with my yarn substitution it should have been 3 rows for the small stripes, and there’s no way I’m weaving in that many ends)

So. I’m gonna finish the right side – done with the mini stripes, increasing again – and then I’m gonna rip back more than half of the left side, add in the mini stripes, curse a lot, reknit the damn thing, and proceed to the sleeves. That is, if I don’t discover equally stupid mistakes.

Note to self: When will I finally learn that knitting while overtired never leads to anything less than disaster?

However. I had a lot of fun during the transatlantic flight, because you see, there were these little screens in the back of each seat, so you could watch TV. I was listening to an audiobook and knitting, so I had it turned off, but it was angled exactly so that I could see my hands knitting. From the front.

Ever since I read the Yarn Harlot gushing about how differently people knit, and how every finger has its job, I’ve been watching my hands closely, and other knitters’ when I get the chance. But thing is, while I can see the top of my hands quite easily, I’ve never seen it from the other side, and it got me ridiculously excited. I couldn’t stop staring. It was so fascinating and graceful and I move my left hand a lot more than I thought I did.

The fact that I was running on very little sleep and copious amounts of sugar and caffeine might have also had something to to with that. Maybe there was something in my brownies. They were the Cosmic kind, after all.


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