Row, row, row your boat…

March 19, 2009 § Leave a comment

The cardigan reflects my current family life – tempestuous.

What was I thinking, anyway, knitting a pattern called Tempest? Apart from its obvious simplistic, pretty design, stripes, and the teeny tiny little buttons (though these might prove a drawback on my rather, ahem, broad frame) this should have been obvious as a Really Bad Sign.

So. I finished the right side this morning. Ripped back the left side to the waist increases. As I was counting, realized that I had cast on 46 stitches on the right side instead of 48 like on the left side. Decided I didn’t care and that two stitches weren’t going to make that much of a difference. I hope this proves true, because if it doesn’t, I fear I’ll have to tear out what little hair remained on my head after that ‘hawk thing. Sigh.

In other words, I cast on a sock yesterday. Light grey, 16sts/needle, 2×2 ribbing, already ripped 30 rounds of 1×1 rib over 17sts/n back because it felt way too big. This week seems to be rip week, which would excite me if it were spelled with a b and I was a restaurant.

Total frustration and stagnation on the Python front, I didn’t even knit half a row before stuffing it back into the bag with a dejected sigh and started winding a hank of Berroco Ultra Alpaca into a ball.


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