der Himmel ist blau…

March 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

… at least that’s what I’m telling myself as the clouds of frustration tower in the sky, the first indicators of a Tempest drawing closer.

I shouldn’t have substituted the yarn.

It worked out perfectly with the body, but not only are regular set-in sleeves of the devil, I somehow have to figure out how to shorten the sleeve cap decreases so they match up with the body. I think I might be missing 12 stitches total, or maybe just 9, or 6, I have no freaking clue, and much less the patience to work it out right now. 12 stitches missing would be nice, since that would mean I could just do one decrease row instead of two and be done with it, but that would throw the universe off-balance. I had a wonderful day with my friends at the sauna – and now the knitting catastrophe.

And I don’t even have stockinette socks to – hang on. Oh man, I love the internet. I just found a shoe size to inches conversion chart. 11.5 inches for a size 12.5. Yay!

I mean, not so yay, since that’s 11.5 inches, which is like 29 cm, of stockinette, but… yay socks! Oh, the internet rules.

So, despite the Tempest of Impending Doom (and that is with ignoring the half-finished Swallowtail I wanted to block while at my parents’ – oh well) and my overwhelming urge to stab people with teeny tiny 2mm DPNs… ein Licht am Ende des wolkenverhangenen Horizonts. A light at the end of the cloud-veiled horizon.

My gauge is looser on 2mm metal needles than on 2.25mm wood ones. Weird. I need new Harmonies.


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