Crank up the sonic oscillator…

March 26, 2009 § Leave a comment

ah, the Time Warps. (As an aside note, I’ve typed that so often now that it looks to me. This is a bad sign. Good thing they’re done.)

Anyway, in the wake of my excitement at finishing them, I spent the morning turning my messy, multicolor paper chart into a nice, tidy spreadsheet and writing out some instructions, like how to find a basic sock pattern. (I’m not crazy. There’s tons of basic sock patterns out there a million times better than anything I could cook up.)

So now this


has turned into a perfect, pretty PDF that even has its own Ravelry project page. This excites me greatly.

What the socks ended up looking like? Well, personally, I think they’re awesome.




Honestly, I wish they fit me. But, fortunately for Tyler, they’re not only too wide but also too long, and  I’m gonna go to the city… tomorrow or so… buy a large envelope, stick them in there, and groan about the outrageous price of shipping stuff overseas. At least they weigh less than 100g.

I’m still confused as to the fact that my gauge on 2mm metal needles is looser than on 2.25 wood ones. Maybe it has something to do with the whole… warp in the space-time-continuum or something.

PS: OMG, somebody already queued them!!! (I know this means next to nothing, considering how I queue half the new patterns, but SOMEBODY QUEUED MY NEW PATTERN! Somebody besides me likes them!!! Yay!!!)


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