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March 28, 2009 § Leave a comment

Things I learned today: Don’t drop a DPN on the tram if there’s somebody sitting right in front of you, because it will take all your power to keep from flying headfirst into his crotch when you try and pick it up.

I’m almost done with the Grasshoppers. Cast on the second one last night before Jule, knit for two and a half, maybe three hours there, and a tiny bit at Christian’s afterwards (VERY little. I was kinda drunk, but my stitches were surprisingly even.)  and then again this morning/afternoon. I’m completely done with the lace pattern – there were 16 more rounds of it after the gusset decrease, with a gradual decrease of lace every 8 rounds, and now there’s just a tiny bit of stockinette and the toe left. The pattern is crack, I swear. Not a spot of SSS, though it took me forever to motivate myself to rip back the toe on the first one – there was a decrease mistake somewhere, which put it right on the bottom of my list until I finished the Time Warps.

Speaking of the Time Warps. I sent them out yesterday, with a letter squeezed onto two postcards. I can’t wait until he gets them, I’m guessing/hoping sometime next week. (Also, Deutsche Post. €6 to send a C5 envelope? Seriously? That’s five cents more than I paid for the yarn!!!)

Aaaand… somebody nominated them for the Bobby Award for Best Obscure Pattern. Holy shit. Not that I stand a chance of winning, but… holy shit. I’m slightly overwhelmed, and my ego is ready to burst.


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