Postcard letter: What makes these special

March 29, 2009 § Leave a comment

Dear Tyler!

Have you ever owned 17300 of one thing? No? I didn’t think so.

Well, now you do! Because 17300 is the approximate number of stitches that make up your brand new socks. Congratulations!

Now, before you jump up, tear the socks off your feet, lovingly wrap them in tissue paper and hide them in the far corner of your closet before any dirt gets onto them, or the cats see them, or you walk holes into¬† them – stop. Relax. It’s hammer time.

And after all, that’s what they’re made for.

I really hope they fit. They’re far-traveled socks, you know. I had the original idea in Philadelphia, I drafted the first chart on the plane between two continents. I bought the yarn while I was at my parents’, and took them everywhere: my friends’, the doctor’s office, the sauna. (There was no actual knitting IN a sauna though – ouch, ouch, metal needles!) Most of the second sock was made between my parents’ and Leipzig, which is pretty much halfway across Germany, and I embroidered the words and arrows on at my own apartment here in Leipzig. That’s a lot of places to go for a pair of socks!

I tried to work some good mojo into them: the excitement of traveling, the relaxation of sauna, the wackiness of Rocky Horror, (of course. I watched it multiple times as side-entertainment, and listened to the soundtrack even more often) the lightheartedness of 1990s college movies, the adventure of 18th century Scotland – and last but not least, my love and affection.

Bottom line – they might look like socks and feel like socks, but they’re not. They’re more. They’re my time and my good wishes, all captured in 17300 stitches of fingering weight yarn wrapped around 2mm needles. (In case this means nothing to you, that’s a whole lot of stitches and really tiny needles!)

So now go, walk some big honkin’ holes into them, and don’t forget to pack them when you come visit me! (Even if it is in July. You never know!)

– Patti

PS: If you desire some sort of underwear with ‘Thrust’ on them – I advise against wool.


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