It has begun

March 30, 2009 § Leave a comment

I’m about ready to drop, since it’s 8.30am and I’m running on lots of coffee instead of sleep, but I need to gush real quick.

Christian, my best friend, stayed over the night, rather unplanned because his motorcycle wouldn’t start up when he wanted to leave around midnight. So until four-ish, we and Saskia, my friend and roomie (for whom I’m knitting my current socks) sat together in the kitchen, until she went to bed. Afterwards, the two of us went to my room, hung out on the bed, started watching a movie… and I’d barely picked up my knitting when he asked if I could show him how to do that again.

Instead of flipping out with joy (besides, I was too tired at that point. Knitting was the only thing keeping me awake) I grabbed the top leftover ball in my leftover drawer (surprisingly enough, it was the rest of the grasshopper yarn) and some needles and showed him.

(It’s a terribly unflattering photo, I know. It was also taken in the middle of the night, though it’s possible that the sun was already rising, so that’s probably part of it. If you read this, buddy – sorry!)

And so for the next four hours, we just sat there in companionable silence, knitting away. I finished Saskias fake Argyle socks to the point where I’m pretty sure I could start the toe but I’d rather she try it on before that. Once I got done with the pattern, I just knit with my eyes closed for a while.


He knit a… rectangle. Which now proudly serves as a cape for my terracotta chicken. It’s garter stitch, and it’s awesome. I’m so proud. And also really, really excited about the prospect of having a knitting buddy.


Around six, he confessed, ‘I’m sorry I always thought you were crazy for knitting so much. But now I see… it’s really fun!’

About an hour later, when I wanted to see how he was doing, he uttered the words every knitter has in common: ‘Yeah, lemme just finish up that row!’

I didn’t squee or anything. But.

It has begun. Heh. Heh. Heh.


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