I’m a wild and an untamed thing

April 3, 2009 § 2 Comments

… and also don’t seem to have any control over myself when it comes to blogging several times a day. I could just put it into one big post, but no… so here goes, yet again. I justify this by it technically being tomorrow, even though I don’t usually count it till I’ve slept.

Money. It’s sort of a big deal. I’m a university student, I shouldn’t have that much money to spare, and I don’t really. Especially considering the ludicrous amounts of money I spent on yarn last month. I have a feeling soon it’s going to get to a point where I’ll forsake salad and other healthy foodstuffs for pasta with sauce, because it’s cheap, and I’ll be able to buy more yarn.

Or, as in this case, new needles (which I kind of need) and shiny stuff. (which nobody ever needs, but it’s so… pretty)

I’m talking about Ewas Sockenwolle, which, despite the name, doesn’t stock too much sock yarn. Instead, they have needles. Tons of needles. KNITPICKS. HARMONIES. My treasured, treasured all-time favorite needles. So I already have a set of 2.25mm 15cm DPNs (and it’s six in a set, too. Six!) in my cart, along with a 2.25mm circ (for the Aeolian Shawl that I’m planning on making from the Malabrigo lace I bought in Ithaca, NY) and… well, shiny stuff. Tiny silver owls and even teenier copper hands saying ‘Hand Made’ on them. And you can, like, attach them to socks, or other stuff you’ve made, to show that it’s handmade.

Which, I guess is mostly obvious, especially with socks, but still. It’s different. It points out that somebody’s hands made those 17ooo stitches. AND, of course, the selling argument… they’re so SHINY! Plus they’re really cheap, only 25 cents apiece, so I’m still under 20 bucks if I order only 10 hands and 4 owls and only those two needle sets.

Except they have tiny bears there, too, and row markers with little leaves on them, and tons and tons of Knitpicks, so many they SELL THEM.

Lord have mercy on my wallet.


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§ 2 Responses to I’m a wild and an untamed thing

  • ToiledAraignee says:

    I was gone a day and a half, and you wrote five entries! I’m not complaining, I love reading blogs, but it’s amazing!

  • wollphilie says:

    like I said in the post, I have very little self-restraint when it comes to blogging. I usually wait until the day is over with paper journaling, but blogging? Needs to be on the spot. Every finished object needs its own post. Every stitch on every object deserves its own post, judging from the frequency with which I post. It’s a little ridiculous.

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