In the summer time, when the weather is nice…

April 4, 2009 § 3 Comments

I’m trying to think how many of my headlines aren’t actually song quotes. Can’t be too many.

Today was another entirely too gorgeous day. I’m sincerely hoping this isn’t just Mother Nature playing a very cruel trick with us, giving us this brilliant entry into spring just to have it rain all the way from May to September. It’s happened. But today, nothing could have been farther from that, with a whopping 24°C in the sun and not a cloud in the sky. Everything was so colorful, so bright… so I grabbed my knitting and a blanket, called Christian, and after a very brief pop into Karstadt to buy him a cell phone and some sock yarn, sat down on the first grassy, sunlit spot we could find and ate ice cream.

I took tons of pictures of the roomie socks. (I can say ‘the roomie socks’ because the second pair has not been started yet. Nor do I think it will be soon, because I left Christian my newest bamboo dpn set, and I’m not sure where my other one is. Probably in my yellow UFO gloves. Which are… somewhere here in this room, I’m guessing.)


I also took pictures of my rapidly developing sock yarn shawl. I’m just so enchanted by the whole idea that I can just go into the park and sit in the sunshine, on the grass, while knitting away. Of course, a solid stockinette shawl is the last thing you’d need for this kind of weather, but once the sun goes down, it gets pretty chilly, and I’m hoping for campfires I can wrap myself in when it’s done… someday.


We chilled there for quite some time, precisely until we got hungry. We think we saw a hummingbird, a really teeny tiny one, but it might have been just a fuzzy sort of bug with a really long snouty-thingy. (I’m hoping it was a hummingbird.) No pictures of the fuzzy, but instead, I give you a picture of Augustusplatz, the biggest square (I think) in Leipzig, which fills me with unbelievable joy that I live in this city every time I walk over it. Especially when the fountains are actually… fountaining. They should be running soon, what with all the weather and sun and all that.


Back at Christian’s, we sat some more, ate delicious pasta, and played with technology. In his case, it was his new cell phone, in my case, it was my camera. Which has some really nifty features I was delighted to discover, like selecting one color and shooting the rest in b/w, or other awesome stuff that was commemorated with words like ‘Move! More! To the left! There’s the little square thingy around your head and it follows you around! Move! JUMP!’

And some knitting. (My life is full of surprises. I know.)

IMG_1264 IMG_1270

IMG_1280 IMG_1289

IMG_1294 IMG_1305

I’m tanning! Slowly, but steadily. Just like the shawl is coming along. Actually, I knit like a quarter more afterward, lots of green and then started pink/purple, so… productive day!
Christian also felt the overwhelming need to show off his Vodka bottle cozy he knit… um, the other day, when I taught him how to knit on DPNs.


I have to add: that is not actually vodka in that bottle. We might be young and reckless, but we don’t start drinking until the sun goes down. (This rule might have to be loosened once sunset is almost too late to start drinking) It’s sort of a long story that ends with him him being broke and filling soda into empty glass bottles he had standing around because he was taking the plastic ones to the store to get the money for them back… and the vodka bottle was the nearest. So now it has some sickeningly sweet stuff in there I wouldn’t go near even if it WAS diluted with vodka, but he loves it, and it has a cozy. (Nevermind that it was actually supposed to be a wristband that turned out to be bound off slightly too tightly)


And, I just have to post this, because it makes me irrationally happy: CHRISTIAN KNITTING! And sort of looking like he’s having fun at it. I’m not forcing him, honest. (Not too much.) I failed at getting another picture of him actually in the act, because he does it with the pained and complete concentration of a beginner, painfully forming each stitch around the needles… I love watching him. It reminds me of when it was all so new and exciting to me, that I was making something with my hands. Not that it has gotten old for me ever since, but I kind of miss those times. … and then I remember how long it took to make one row of knit stitches and I’m glad those times are seven years down the past. Holy crap.

IMG_1314 IMG_1317

He’s exceptionally proud of his new pink and purple wristband… even though, you know, you could pin a pink triangle to your chest for pretty much the same effect. I like it!

The only downside: See, we had this thing, where I didn’t understand his computer games and he didn’t understand my knitting, and we both thought the other one was weird, but we listened to each other gushing about Exciting Stuff and tried to translate it into our own terms and be happy for each other. But now he knows how to knit… and he’s decided that if he put time and effort into learning how to knit, I should put some time and effort into at least trying to play some computer game. It’s only fair, I guess, and I’d be excited to learn a new skill… if I could just understand what people get out of sitting in front of the computer (or Playstation, or whatever) playing a game all day. Christian played some Final Fantasy game 140 plus hours. And what did that get him? He can say he finished it – great. But just imagine what you could knit in the same amount of time, and how you actually have something to hold in your hands after that. So, I guess I’m just gonna have to play along. We’ll see. Maybe it’s gonna be fun. Maybe.

Eventually, his almost-boyfriend finally arrived after 7 hours of waiting in the traffic between Paderborn and here, and I left the two of them to their, ahem, devices. Good thing I put the bamboo DPNs I left him into the plastic wrapper thing, god only knows where they would’ve ended up if I hadn’t. His room isn’t all that big, but I’ve lost multiple earrings there that have never turned up again.

As a goodbye, a picture of the City at night. Or rather, the Opera from the other side. God, I’m so glad to live here.


Also, I’ve perfected the blank look when I say ‘Cardigan? What cardigan?’


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§ 3 Responses to In the summer time, when the weather is nice…

  • ToiledAraignee says:

    Ahh! In Ottawa, it was a cloudy, rainy, unhappy day =(. I want your weather!

    Yaaaay to Christian’s knitting! Thanks for the pictures of the roomie socks, and your shawl. Your new camera pwns =).

  • wollphilie says:

    Thank you! I’m gonna try and send some of our sunshine your way, but please understand if I want to hang on to this awesome weather some more. We get it so rarely in rainy, drab Germany!

    Also, my camera is not precisely new. I got it for Christmas, and I’d already played with some things, like the color focus and all that. It’s just that I mainly photograph my knitting (the fact that I’m easily excited may play into this too), so I witnessed my little square move when my target moved. Which, you know, knitting usually does not do. At least, it shouldn’t…

  • ToiledAraignee says:

    Just take a lot of beautiful sunny pictures, and I’ll try to live vicariously. =D

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