In which we’re given Paradise…

April 8, 2009 § 5 Comments

… but only for a day.

I got my Anglistics course! Yay!

In other words, the last two days in pictures:

7 am: I arrive at the new Uni building in the middle of the city for my Portuguese class. It’s… disturbingly empty.

9 am: I amble through the morning-lit city, finding random stuff on buildings, like Death on the Old Town Hall.
IMG_1529 IMG_1542

11 am: I amble back to the same street, different building. It’s filled up a bit. Apparently, the lazyasses arrive. (When I say lazyasses, I mean lucky bastards that don’t have to get up at 5.30)

1 pm: We go to the park in front of St Thomas Church, built in 1212, where Bach did his thing and Luther preached back in the day. We hang out, I photograph the Shawl, and have Saskia model it for me. She is the first person to officially do so.

IMG_1555 IMG_1558

3 pm: We decide to go to a birthday party in the park.

4.30 pm: After aimlessly drifting through what feels like the entire city and the whole park (since we have no idea where it’s actually supposed to be) and is actually not that much less, we arrive.

approx. 6.30 pm: We are comfortably tipsy. The unthinkable happens: Christian pulls out his sock-in-progress in public AND Saskia asks me to teach her how to crochet. The Best Picture Ever (Even Though Everybody Looks Horrible) is taken.


There are no pictures after this, but the following happened: The skies grew dark with clouds as the sun set. And then there was something that can only be described as the next Great Flood, except it stopped THE MINUTE we got to the tram stop and the little roof things. Which wouldn’t have helped us anyway, sopping wet as we were. Just between the supermarket (where we got hotdogs before going to the park) and the tram station, we walked over 5km. With me being up and around the city since 6.20am, I don’t even want to know how much I walked that day.

This is gonna be less photo-intensive, simply because it wasn’t a particularly exciting day…
I got up early to go to class and meet Christian for Starbucks half an hour before, at 8.45. I came to the city, waited around for a bit – he’s always late, it doesn’t worry me if I have to wait. After all, more time to knit. But he just didn’t come as the clock was ticking by… until I looked more closely at said clock. And saw that it was precisely 7.57am. A whole hour too early.


So I sat in an empty Starbucks for about an hour, knitting away.

(It’s crazy, isn’t it? An EMPTY Starbucks! Never have I seen anything like that in my life!) It was nice – no lines, it was quiet, and nobody was looking at me weird for taking pictures of my knitting.


It’s chugging along. I want it to be at least wingspan, which is 180cm/6ft for me, and I have a bit more than half of that now. Unblocked, though. Should’ve taken bigger needles. What was I thinking, using 3.5mm?


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§ 5 Responses to In which we’re given Paradise…

  • ToiledAraignee says:

    The shawl looks wonderful =). And nobody looks at you funny in Starbucks! I love your iPod =).

  • wollphilie says:

    thank you! and yes, they do look at me funny in Starbucks :D

  • ToiledAraignee says:

    I guess at my Starbuckses (?) they’re used to crazy teenaged knitters.

  • Mneme says:

    :) i know, why the starbucks is empty – because coffe culture is too popular … starbucks cannot come to leipzig and join the market that was single-served from coffee culture for something like 10 years (i even do not go to starbucks in leipzig, but i love to go there here in malaysia)

    best regards from far away (and missing beloved leipzig)

  • wollphilie says:

    actually, it’s empty because it’s approximately 8.05am – just after opening time. I imagine CC was equally empty :D

    Grüße nach Malaysia!

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