Drop of a hat

April 19, 2009 § 1 Comment

Ah, I love being drunk. The fuzzy dull edge of perception, the heaviness and uncoordinatedness of your limbs… and yet it seems like I’m hyperaware of everything. I just can’t control it.

What’s bad is that I’m even more compliant than usual when I’m inebriated, and also more touchy-feely… you know. Tell me to do something when I’m pissed, and chances are I will. Terrible, terrible state.

Still, I enjoy it very much. Gives you an excuse to talk and do shit.

Finished the Brazil socks tonight at Tino’s, somewhere between my first and third glass of vodka with soda of some kind. Knit about 35 rounds of 40 stitches because I needed something to occupy my hands after that, ripped it all back while Christian was staring incredulously. But seriously, what was I gonna do with a tube of 4o stitches? Too small for gloves or fingerless mitts, too big for cell phone cozy or willie warmer.

Ah, alcohol.


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