Just gimme gimme gimme gimme fried chicken!

April 19, 2009 § 2 Comments

Like I already announced, finished the Brazil socks last night. I was slightly amazed that I could kitchener stitch while slightly tipsy – I guess I’ve finally gotten enough routine in that. I know a lot of people don’t like grafting, and I have to admit half the time, I wish I’d done a rounded toe so I could just pull the thread through the last couple of stitches and be done with it. But once I get going – I love it. It’s got this nice rhythm of knit, knit, purl, purl that sucks me in and makes me feel so damn clever!

Admittedly, most knitting makes me feel clever. Sock heels, lace patterns, even plain stockinette, I’m just constantly amazed at what I can do with a couple of pointy sticks and some thread.


Extremely plain socks in Zitron Trekking HandArt, color Brazil, from Maschenkunst in Cologne. Together with the Vulkan for my Autumn Lace Scarf, it was my first purchase of Zitron, and I’ve been stuck ever since. I did all of my Christmas knitting this year in Zitron, and the only thing in my Sock Yarn Shawl that isn’t Trekking is the teal/orange handpainted merino sock yarn from Drachenwolle.

Speaking of the SYS! It’s… growing. After blocking, it’ll be as big as the Sand Shawl at this point, and I’ve finally decided how to finish: I just did a row of [k2tog, yo] and knit the row back. Next thing which I just started is a bit of the Japanese Waves pattern from my Atlantic Cowl, to give the edge some motion, and then… I’m gonna switch to bigger needles, and garter stitch. Yes, yes, yes, I can finally justify that. I still don’t know what made me start this in 3.5mm needles – probably the fact that they’re my only colored pair and so pretty in that copper tint (and they only cost me a buck!). But soon, soon the time will come.

My reason behind the upsizing is that I’m hoping it’ll ruffle just a bit, especially with the Wave pattern. A ruffle would be nice, but I’m unwilling to cast on even more stitches. I’m already up to over 150 on every side, there’s still at least 20 or 30 rows to come, and I’ll be in the same dilemma of casting off forever just like with the Swallowtail Shawl. (That will be my grandma’s birthday present, I’ve decided.)

Ah, the SYS. I just started with the Brazil yarn, which kicks the wild colorscheme up another notch. And while I love it for being violently colored…


… right now, it’s just a violently colored blob of yarn.


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§ 2 Responses to Just gimme gimme gimme gimme fried chicken!

  • ToiledAraignee says:

    Ooh, I love the socks! But if I stare at them for too long… my eyes start to burn =P.

    A violently coloured beautiful blob of yarn, if that help. I can’t wait to see how it looks when it’s done!

  • wollphilie says:

    yes, I do seem to have a thing for bright colors at the moment. It’s probably my contrast program to all the lacy, gorgeous, but also white or beige stuff I’ve been doing :D

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