Wave and Wave

April 24, 2009 § 2 Comments

Wave and Wave

Originally uploaded by slashkitten

The sock and its namesake: Wave, the most patient and amazing and fluffy dog in the world! Unfortunately, you can’t see the pretty lace pattern, obscured by Wave’s shapely, fuzzy Australian Shepherd head.

But I think having a picture of a dog with a sock on his head is more than worth missing out on a boring lace cuff.


About Wave: no, he’s not my dog. He might as well be, since he’s living in the same apartment as me, but he actually belongs to my roomie Sassi. Which is just fine by me, really: I can cuddle him and pretend he’s mine and comb him to harvest fiber for yarn and slap socks on his head, but I don’t actually have to do the annoying ownery stuff. Like take him out for walks three times a day, or haul big sacks of dog food up to our third-floor (fourth if you’re American) apartment.


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