Chocolate Rain…

May 13, 2009 § 1 Comment

As I’m typing, the Quintuple Chocolate Brownies are cooling of on top of the stove. Yes, quintuple. Five kinds of chocolate. With like… half a cup of flour. The cashier looked at me like I was crazy when I piled my 3/4 kilo of chocolate, plus real cocoa, on the band. Fortunately for me, my purchase also included flour, eggs, chopped almonds and yeast (I plan on making a yeast dough braid in the next few days), so it seemed a little more reasonable.

700 grams of chocolate. (Plus  the cocoa.) Granted, “only” about 600g actually go into the brownies, I bought a bar of white chocolate because for some reason, I never seem to have any chocolate around the house. But… whew. They smell delicious though. I have to wait half an hour, then get around to glazing them. I don’t even have any dishes to do, since I washed up right after.

Also, speaking of crazy things? Portuguese knitting, I say. Portuguese knitting. It’s the kind where they have the little pin with the hook at their left shoulder and the yarn running through that. Someone linked me to it when I was looking for the Portuguese word for ‘knitting’ (for the record, it’s ‘tricotar’) and… I’m fascinated. Last night, I watched a bunch of the videos on youtube, and I kept turning my laptop to face my roomie, who was sitting next to me and knitting, and kept shouting things like ‘look at that! LOOK at THAT! just LOOK at it! How cool is that! LOOK!’

I mean… look! How cool is that!


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