I can’t breathe easy…

May 16, 2009 § 3 Comments

… damn you, head cold. I’m not even sure where I caught it, though it’s probably a pretty race between a packed tram, trudging through the rain in a t-shirt, and spending so much time with Christian. Gerrrrrrrrrrms! (does it make me a terrible person to assume that cold germs are totally not the worst thing in his sheets?)

Anyways. After GA last night, I was too hyped to go to sleep. So I started some yeast dough, cleaned up the kitchen, reorganized the pot cupboard, watered my orchids, cleaned up my desk, put new sheets on my bed, finished my oral report plus Powerpoint prestentation for Monday, sorted my laundry, dusted, and when I ran out of things to do at 7.30am, I forced myself to go to sleep. This lasted approximately till 11.30, then I woke up all chipper and continued on my doing-the-chores-I’ve-been-avoiding trip with grocery shopping and doing my Portuguese homework.

I went downtown for ice cream with Christian and his bf, but I pleaded off going to a tapas bar afterwards with a couple of other guys. Tiredness, sinus congestion, and a rapidly developing headache… I barely got any knitting done today, either. A bit on a yoga sock (heelless) I’ve been experimenting with, but… eh.

Anyways, it’s shut-eye for me now. Gotta catch up on that sleep that just did. not. come. last night.


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§ 3 Responses to I can’t breathe easy…

  • Random burst of sleepless OCD affect you to? And everything needs to be just so, right? Argh, I know the feeling. I hope you feel better soon, take a really nice hot shower, have some hot soup…

    Heelless sock? As in knit all the way sans interruption for heel, or cast off, cast on for heel?

  • wollphilie says:

    well, it wasn’t quite that OCDish. I was just so full of energy and didn’t really have anywhere for it to go except housework. Plus, you know, the sun rising and all the light that comes with that didn’t make me any less tired.

    Yeah, cast off, cast on for a heel. I did something wrong though, maybe cast on too many stitches (I figured I should CO the same number I’d end up with after picking up in a regular heel) so it’s frogged, without any photos to commemorate its existence.

  • I’ve got a pattern for yoga socks- it’s free from Patons, I think.

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