Oh my god, I can’t believe it

May 16, 2009 § 4 Comments

Oh. My. God. The season 5 finale of Grey’s Anatomy? What the HELL ASS! George? Beautiful, gentle, amazing George? THEY KILLED GEORGE OFF? GEORGE? Who was my favorite character from the first episode, who married Callie in Las Vegas, who saved a guy in an elevator, who got syphilis from Alex, had to repeat the second internship year, moved together with Lexie, had a messy divorce, stood up to his family AND NOW THEY JUST KILLED HIM OFF??? I… I don’t even care about Izzie. Like, I feel with Alex, yes, but Izzie, meh. But… George? He was barely there the last half season, and now he joined the ARMY and got hit by a BUS and now he’s DEAD???

Oh my god, seriously. I bawled through both episodes. I started crying when Izzie told Der she wanted the surgery, and I really stop long between that and the end of the second episode. Oh my god George… and now I’ll have to wait till fall to find out who survived. I bet it’s Izzie, the way George stood outside the elevator and looked at her… oh god, no, not George. I screamed “NO!” out loud when my terrible suspicion that he was the doctor joining the army was confirmed, and then he turned out to be John Doe… I can’t believe it. I just… no.



§ 4 Responses to Oh my god, I can’t believe it

  • WHAT THE HELL? He joined the bleeding army, and saved Izzie from being hit by a bus? What the hell? WHY GEORGE?

  • wollphilie says:

    no, no. He saved some random chick. Remember how they discovered another tumor in Izzie’s brain the other episode? They removed her hippocampus and she lost her short-term memory for about half of one of the episodes and then she finally got better… and then she crashed. And the last scene of the freaking SEASON is Izzie going into an elevator in that prom dress she wore when Denny died, and when the elevator opened, there was George, buzz-cut and in a uniform. Which I take as a sign that George died a bit before Iz and sort of waited for her – instead of Denny, thank god, I was so tired of that storyline. Sob!

  • I don’t have cable, so I’ve only finished the third season, and my DVD player broke when I tried to watch the fourth =(.

    My two favourite characters! Why?

  • wollphilie says:

    Try surfthechannel.com – they have each and every episode!

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