Oh crystal ball, chrystal ball

May 21, 2009 § 1 Comment

I’m at my parents’ over the long weekend, and on the train ride here, I knit about half a sock. It’s one of the last balls of Zitron that is designated for knitting socks with, so it’s a good thing the Leipzig Yarn Festival is next weekend. It’s pretty autumn colors. I started it Tuesday at Starbucks, and I would probably be finished if I hadn’t had to rip back half the pattern on the shaft three times, simply because I wanted nupps and couldn’t work out a way to make them work. But I’m almost at the toe, so that’s cool. Not a stitch more on the Miralda though.

Last night I pulled out a couple of old paper diaries from under my bed. I’ve been continually keeping a journal since January 5th, 2002, so here I have about seven and a half years of my life recorded here, what comes after that is in my apartment in Leipzig.

First discovery: I was a really weird kid. Seriously.

Second discovery: When you read between the lines of all the blathering about various musicians and actors, there’s a lot of, hm, ‘gay potential’ in these books. More than I would have expected. Most prominent is the thing with Sylvia, which went on for far longer than I remembered – back to eighth grade even! – and my friendship with Pia, a girl from Bielefeld I met on vacation and visited with every other month or so for quite some time. Recently she popped into everyday thought occasionally, and I finally managed to get around to finding her address. I already drafted a first letter. I’m excited. I hope she writes back.

Third, most relevant to this blog, discovery: Not only did I write my first diary entries in English back in the summer of ’02, I also started knitting a bit earlier than I thought! Some excerpts:

Jan. 9 2002: ‘I started a green scarf yesterday!’

Feb 5, 2002: ‘Also, yarn is super expensive! Like  €1.40 or something!

July 26, 2003, in my bullet point description: ‘Hobbies: (…) knitting (Thursdays with my grandma)

Aug 8, 2003: ‘What’s a sheep on a trampoline? – A wooly jumper!’


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