Charlie you look quite down

June 5, 2009 § 3 Comments

Ugh. I hate, hate, hate Christian’s neighbors. All I wanted was to sleep and there was some person with a megaphone at the kindergarten around the corner, and now that that’s finally stopped – somebody started mowing the lawn. Which feels like a sledgehammer to my hung-over head.

Anyways. I’ve barely been knitting, which is weird. Lots of meta-knitting though, I have more or less decided to do Muir next, in the green merino lace yarn, which I still have to wind into a ball sometime soonish. But in the past 24 hours? I forgot my knitting bag at home, so all I could do was knit a bit on the bikini team project that’s been lugging around (Christian for the straps, me for the cups, Saskia for the neckband) but it’s kinda see-throughy. What else did I expect with 2.5mm though. Doop.

So, yeah. The real reason I’m posting here? Because I needed to note somewhere that Christian just gave himself a wedgie. That takes some very special talent.


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