Final breakthrough

July 16, 2009 § 1 Comment

I am done. Finally, blissfully done with my exams. No more reading all day. Even though I have to admit, it was nice to get to reading again, it was just… so MUCH! Plus it’s less fun when you have to do it, so.

So, between Wednesday morning and now, I felt like I got more knitting done than in the past three weeks or so. I mean, I did spin the dog hair during my study phase, and I did knit about one and a half socks. But the last two days… I wound a ball of yarn, made most of a sock (I did start Tuesday just before my exam, but that was only the 10 rows of ribbing or so), washed and wound the dog yarn, AND got around to ripping back my Muir to the point where I made that pesky mistake (=16 rows or so. ugh.), picked it back up, and continued. I got about a third of a chart repeat done today… it was glorious. Just so relaxing and awesome.

I love reading. But I did miss knitting. I’m glad I had 4 1/2 hours of train ride today, and I’m glad I split the time pretty evenly between the two.

No more reading about the Tudors or English Literature or English History though. Sex research (‘Bonk’ by Mary Roach) it is, and Torchwood fanfic. Or combining two of my favorite things and listening to Torchwood audiobooks while knitting. I have time now. Time, time, and more time. Oh, I am beyond excited.

PS: I totally rocked that oral English Lit/History exam. 1.3 – best exam of the morning!


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