Severus… please.

July 22, 2009 § 1 Comment

So! New Harry Potter movie!

I have to say, before I get started, that I tend to not really like the even-numbered Potters. Philosopher’s Stone, Prisoner of Azkaban and Order of the Phoenix I still adore to this day, and I can even make my peace with the seventh book (minus the epilogue). But Chamber of Secrets? Meh. I daresay I only read the book four or five times, which is ridiculously little if you consider I’ve read the first book somewhere between twenty and thirty times. Goblet of Fire? Better, but got kinda long-winded after the sixth time or so, though I liked the movie a lot.

But now Half-Blood Prince? I loved it. I’ll have to see it again, this time in English, but it was quite good in German too, which is something of an achievement in my opinion. It wasn’t really close to the book, there was a lot of Draco tinkering with the Vanishing Cabinet and stuff like that, but that absolutely justified and fleshed out Draco as a character more so than in the books. Because, let’s face it, the books are so filtered by Harry’s perception that you don’t really get a choice whether you think canon Draco is a git or not. (Fanfiction is something else and I know there’s a lot of people shipping Draci-poo in some way, shape or form, but seriously, even without the Harry goggles on, he’s kind of a jerk. But maybe not as much as Harry think.)

Anyways! Back on topic! There was a lot of awesome tension that comes with a couple of hundred teenagers cooped up together in a castle. I loved it. Cormac McLaggen? Awesome. Him puking on Snape’s shoes when Harry tells him he’s supposedly eating dragon balls? Priceless. Hermione constantly having white stuff all over her face and having Ron point it out. Ron on Romilda Vane’s love potion. Lavender. Oh dear, I loved Lavender. She was just as obnoxious as in the book. Luna again, I love Loony Lovegood, she’s so, well, loony. I like quirky people, and I absolutely envy the hair. All the UST between Harry and Ron, yet again, just when I thought it couldn’t get any more unintentionally hilarious after the last two films.

And the textiles! Not just the costumes, which featured some awesome knits, more on that later, but also… everything! The texture of McGonnagal’s robes! The sweeping robes of both Dumbledore and Snape! The upholstery-slash-pyjamas of Slughorn! The Gryffindor common room has got to be the coziest set ever built, right along with the Burrow, and, and… they had the friggin’ Unicorn in Captivity tapestry in front of the Room of Requirement!! I squeed embarrassingly loudly at that. The Unicorn tapestry! Very exciting.

I would also like to announce I am totally in love with Ron’s worsted weight striped cardigan. It’s striped in beige, brown, marroon, orange and ochre, I think that’s it, and it’s mostly reverse stockinette, except there’s a stockinette strip down each arm. Cap sleeves, I’m thinking. Looked very cozy, and went very well with the ginger hair.

Other cool knits feature the Quiddich raglans in 2×2 rib, with a gold stripe across the chest and the arms on the chest level, and Hermione’s grey hat. Fingering yarn, I think, with a sort of wavey lace pattern that didn’t go at all with her Norwegian-patterned colorwork scarf. (Maybe she made those herself? I remember the Yarn Harlot talking about her daughter complaining that she always looked so ‘knitterly’ because her accessories didn’t match. We know from the books Hermione does knit, however, she must have progressed quite a bit from the ‘wooly bladders’ in fourth year. Which is entirely possible, considering we’re dealing with Hermione.)

Oh, and the best thing? They totally kept Dumbledore’s love for knitting patterns in!!! I squeed. I totally squeed. That was even more exciting than the Unicorn tapestry.


In other news, the Ninth Doctor, also known as Christopher Eccleston, is in the GI Joe movie. Yet another squeeworthy moment as I realized in the previews where I knew that nose and those ears from. I might even watch it. After all… it’s the Doctor!


In even more unrelated news, the socks, just like Muir, are coming along slowly but steadily.


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  • Ahhh! I loved HBP! I really want to knit absolutely everything (okay, not *everything*, but a lot of it)


    Glad to hear from you, keep workin’ on Muir and the socks =).

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