Not many men can pull of a decorative vegetable!

August 12, 2009 § 2 Comments

So! I’m finally back in Leipzig, thank god, and that means I’m reunited with my camera. Whatever possessed me to leave it behind? – Anyway, being here means I’ve already taken a ton of pictures, not only of the Who Scarf but also of the yummy yarn I bought during my weekend trip up to the coast, and here I am to give you a little picspam.

Also, in case you were wondering, the Muir is also kind of coming along. Kind of.

But first things first!


Eep! I’m immensely proud of it. Of course, it’s all garter stitch, but I finished that monster in five days, and that is NOT BAD AT ALL for 12 feet of sport weight yarn on 4mm needles.

Some more impressions:

IMG_2829 IMG_2834

As you see, it neatly fits around my head a couple of times – namely, six, without having to stretch much. I haven’t blocked or steamed or stretched it (or even gotten it wet) in any way, because if I do, I have the feeling I’d stumble over it instantaneously. The tassels already drag over the floor when I don’t wrap it very loosely around my neck, so I’m just gonna let gravity take her course and stretch the beast out for me over time.

With it being garter stitch, I needed some background entertainment to go along with it. I tried to keep it on topic – Doctor Who and the Confidentials when I was inside, Torchwood audiobooks when I was lounging about in the back garden, and… the Miss Marple movie 4.50 from Paddington with my parents, though I guess that’s still proper, seeing how Donna’s responsible for her creation. I’d never watched a Miss Marple before, and I was delighted at that old lady who also tends to leave her knitting lying around everywhere.

I’m really quite enchanted by the tassels, though. (That sounds a bit like the insect girl from Utopia. Chan, I’m really quite enchanted by the tassels, tho!) They’re made out of all seven colors, except where I cheated. You see, casting on only 46 stitches (still mad at myself I didn’t think to cast on 42 until I was halfway done) meant I got by with one ball of each color, with the notable exception of tan. But some colors, like grey, baaarely made it, so I only had yarn left of that for 24 instead of 28 tassel strands. So in a couple of tassels, I used purple twice instead of one grey, one purple, but you can’t really tell. I don’t even know myself, since I placed them randomly throughout.


So. Yes. It is done. I’m hella glad it is, I’m super proud, and it also gave me the motivation to work on Muir some more. If I bought another ball of tan, I could do another one… but I don’t think I will. That’s sport weight merino, you could do anything with that. Gloves, hats… we’ll see. I already queued a bunch of new glove/fingerless mitten patterns on Ravelry.

So. Away from the solid blocks of color to something quite beautiful, quite extraordinary, definitely expensive but also gorgeous and handspun.

Not by me though.


Just look at that numminess!


It’s fairly thick yarn I bought at a charming little shop in Wremen – Wurster Webstube. Lovely alliteration. They had, true to their name, a lot of handwoven stuff, souvenirs, gorgeous silk pashminas… and a whole wall with skeins of yarn hanging from hooks.

At a price of €11.50/100g, that’s still… okay, I guess. Pretty good for handspun, too. I ultimately chose two colorways that kind of go together – Atlantic and Wild Rose.

IMG_2803 IMG_2809

They’re both gorgeous in their own right, and I’m thinking they might work together in a scarf. Not that I don’t have enough scarves. Maybe a hat and mittens. Though, the problem is that it’s kind of uneven, so I’m not sure how it would work out with stranded patterns.


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