Here it goes again!

August 12, 2009 § 2 Comments

Back here, I feel a lot more like blogging. And a lot more like writing in my paper diary, which I’ve sadly forgotten at my parents’.

I just spent a good half hour linking up all blog posts between May 11 and today to the appropriate Ravelry project pages. That’s almost thirty blogs, though not all of them contain stuff about projects. To make up for that, a lot of them feature multiple links, such as Is it a monster from last Friday, which I linked to a whopping eleven projects. And that’s not even all of them, but I figured all Christmas knitting and all socks that ever taught me stuff were a bit of an overkill.

While linking, I found a mysterious reference to a plain stockinette sock from the first of July. I… haven’t knit plain stockinette socks in a while, so I have not the faintest clue what socks that could be. Maybe the Kirk socks? But those must have been finished by that time, except for the starfleet symbol, which I still haven’t done. And I didn’t start winding the yarn for the Mojo socks until more than a week after that. So… mystery socks. Highly mysterious. Drives me a bit bonkers.

After rifling through my sock yarn drawer, there’s a center-pull ball of Zitron Handart I bought last winter that has an awful lot of yarn wound around it, so I’m assuming I started a sock but frogged it. That would make sense since it’s yarn in a beautiful fall-colored, stained glass sort of colorway that I’ve been saving for a really gorgeous sock pattern to do it justice, and a plain stockinette sock would definitely not have sufficed.

I guess I’ll just have to leave it at that.

But, on the upside, I’ve finally managed to make project pages for the last three pairs of socks I knit.

Which means that now, in the first eight entries on my projects page, I have a project in every color of the rainbow. And then some.

project rainbow

I might be overcomitting just a little bit.

And that doesn’t even feature the Miralda, which is buried in the Hibernating Projects, and physically hidden away in a leather satchel. Oops.


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