There’s a place I go when I’m alone

August 24, 2009 § 6 Comments

These past couple of days, ever since I came back, but especially since my parents went to Paris on Saturday, I’ve been pretty stressed out. This isn’t anybody’s fault, not really, but taking care of two grandmothers would be kind of hard on anybody. As bad as it sounds, I’m actually kind of glad one of them’s in the hospital right now – mostly because that takes another load off my shoulders, since she’s all taken care off and Tina and I just pop over for an hour or so every day.

So I spend pretty much all my day with my grandma, taking care of her, washing her, making her food, shifting her from the kitchen to the living room to the bathroom to bed and back, entertaining her… which on the one hand is kinda nice, I’ve never spent so much time with her, but on the other hand, it’s horrific to see her so dependent.

So what this all boils down to is: stress knitting.

I cast on something I’ve been vaguely calling DWSLCBP, which is short for Doctor Who Scarf Log Cabin Blanket Project, obviously. Basically, a log cabin blanket with the colors of the Doctor Who scarf as well as the row number of the color blocks in the Season 12 pattern. It’s garter stitch. It’s color blocks. It doesn’t matter if I miscount. It is, however, a friggin’ blanket, although I guess I could just stop at lap blanket size if I wanted to.

On the other hand, if I decide to follow through with this (I’ll wait another two, three days to check if I’m not totally off my rocker) it’s gonna be the 100th project in my Ravelry portfolio. And a blanket as the big double oh would be pretty appropriate for such a… landmark.

Of course, my Rav projects don’t take into account the second cotton garter stitch I made, or the three fuzzy scarves I made as Christmas gifts that year, or my hideous first sweater disaster with arms as big as tents, or the fact that what I bundled under Christmas Presents 2007 was actually five hats. And the second pair of garter stitch mitts I started but never finished because I was too lazy to crochet the first one shut.

So all things considered, whatever I knit next is going to be my 111th project.

Though some were abandoned, and some punishéd.
For never was a story of more wit, than this of Patti and the things she knit.

… or something. Somebody take me to a padded place where I can mangle Shakespeare without hurting my head as I bang it on the wall as self-punishment.


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§ 6 Responses to There’s a place I go when I’m alone

  • Doctor Who Blanket? Yum. Does the Doctor come with it ;)?

  • wollphilie says:

    I wish. Well, I guess I’ll still have to abduct David Tennant…

    I have this long-standing joke with my flatmate that either we’re gonna get a Ten(nant) cardboard standee for our hallway, or we’ll have to kidnap the man himself and tie him up and prop him against a wall for decoration. So… yeah. :D

  • Zomg. If you kidnap him, I will have to come and visit. Or kidnap him back.

    Have you seen The Sunday Night Project? More specifically, the episodes in which they have Tennant as a guest host? They’re so funny!

  • wollphilie says:

    oh god yes. ‘So, David, have you heard of, well… Who Porn?’ ‘… Who porn? There’s Who porn websites?’ *flabbergasted* (on that note, if you’re interested, there’s an AWESOME fanfic concerning that topic here)

  • His face is priceless. And the prank with him tied to the bed? I laughed so hard.

  • wollphilie says:

    I’ll be honest, what gets me every time is not the antics, it’s the accent. Scottish makes my knees weak and my brain reconsider my homosexuality.

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