Jolly good

August 31, 2009 § 2 Comments

“It’s a hat!” Neville exclaimed.
“Made out of socks,” Dora added, staring at it.
“Look, with little…” Harry leaned over and examined the small embroidered figures dancing around the edge of the hat, which did appear to be made out of sock-shapes.
“Dancing…house-elves…” Draco said.
“It’s hideous,” Snape observed.
“But in a stunning sort of way,” Dora added.

(Sam_Storyteller, Laocoon’s Children, Year One)

When inspiration hit me last night… it hit at the most inopportune moment it could have. And instead of telling me I’m insane, the more rational part of my brain went all ‘A hat made out of socks? Why, what a jolly splendid idea that is!’

So here’s what I’ve been thinking.

In a loose definition of thinking, which includes scribbling in your paper journal at 2 am as fast as you can because your alarm goes off at 6.30am.


As the let’s-just-call-it-a-sketch below shows, first I was considering a rather boxy shape, because I couldn’t figure out how to do the decreases, so I was going to do the socks, and then decrease at four points, Center Square style.


Then in a bit of a duh moment, I realized the ‘toes’ of the socks were going to be decreases (duh), so it would be more of a regular-shaped hat. Plus a pompom. Because a hat as ridiculous as this one definitely needs a huge, goofy, luridly-colored pompom. (Or a white one, as contrast)

The house-elf embroidery band also got abandoned in favor of ear flaps with the following duplicate-stitched on them. Or, if one was feeling particularly adventurous and interested in learning something new, double-knit earflaps with the following pattern.


The socks themselves, of course, would have to be absolutely hilarious. I’m thinking one with snitches, one with broomsticks, striped ones in colors that clash in a way that brings to mind the big bang… maybe one in mustard, or a Gryffindor one, to keep with the Harry Potter theme.

So, in a fit of exuberance, I made up a prototype of five already finished socks that just happened to be hanging around. No idea why I’m always surrounded by socks. Really. They just pop up like daisies wherever I go.

IMG_3374 IMG_3367

Rather obviously, there are some adjustments I’d have to make. Like the size of the socks. At least, I’ve figured out I’d need about 150 stitches to go around my head, so I could easily divide that by seven or so (each sock a smooth 21.4285714 sts wide), make the foot shorter, the shaft longer… and obviously not make real socks. Just flat sock-like shapes, with a short-row heel (the exact construction of which I’d have to research more in-depth than ‘hey, this sounds like a good idea!’), sewn together. With earflaps added. Although I’ve thought about at least doing the leg part in the round, simply so the flappy triangles don’t curl at the edges.

But at least this way I figured out that I shouldn’t have too much trouble with the decreases. With seven socks, it might be a rather steep decrease though. After all, that’s 14 sts every 2 rnds that are going away, which makes for only 20 rows of crown shaping. Maybe I’ll crochet a star between them? In red? And then add the pompom on top? And the earflaps?

Oh man, weirdest hat ever. But awesome. I wish I had more sock yarn scraps here. But then, a purple one with a TARDIS would raise the geek level even more. I might just do it.

The sock-hat combination would make a nice 100th project, too. After all, most of the last 99 projects are either socks or hats.


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