Don’t be discouraged

September 3, 2009 § 5 Comments

After careful, painstaking mathematical calculations… I’ve discovered I have pretty exactly 63% of Muir done. I think. 11 repeats out of 18 – that’s 17 reps I’m aiming for, plus two borders, of which I already have one. I just rounded my progress up on Ravelry, because proudly displaying 65% gives me such a rush of achievement.


Quick, very quick, movie review, because it is almost four in the morning: Secret Smile, available on Youtube, broadcast as a two-part serial on ITV back in 2004. About a stalker, kind of. Not the type of stalker you think of when you think stalker, one that ‘only’ follows you around wherever you go. No, this one’s a stalker that gets into your life after you dump him, destroys your life, your family, your friends, just because you dumped him, and then moves on to live happily ever after. Well, sort of. Well, not really.

Anyway. The movie (or serial, rather) does have some surprising plot twists, and is mostly very gripping. I think there was a bit of a lull in one place, but otherwise, it’s pretty good. I don’t know if I’d buy the DVD, but it’s worth watching online for free any day.

Cause, you know. Here’s the thing. This overcontrolling stalker guy (Brandon’s the name, by the way) is played by none other than our favorite Tenth Doctor. Before he became the Doctor. So you get David Tennant, in his beautiful Scottish accent no less, being very intense and, well, bullying and totally getting off on the power high. And saying THAT line. The one that goes something like “I kept looking at your mouth. It’s beautiful. And I thought, ‘I’d come into that mouth!”, which knocked me a bit flat and had me exclaim ‘Doctor!’ despite Casanova having been a lot more explicit. Probably the Scottish accent. Did I mention he plays the role in his Scottish accent?

Things that kinda bugged me about this film: first, it was pretty quiet. There wasn’t a lot of music, and there was total crickety-cricket silence during the sex scene (which by the way happens less than four minutes into the movie). Well, except for DT sounding obscene with nothing to distract from it. Kinda disturbing if you’ve been watching Who all day, especially since he has about five lines of dialogue, if that, before this, so you don’t really have time to get used to the different character. The other downside to this being a mostly quiet movie is that you turn up the volume so you can understand the dialogue, and then somebody smashes something and the sound shatters through the whole house.

Then, some of the scenes moved very, very quickly and seemed a bit pasted together without any real transition. Felt a bit jerky, in my opinion, but I guess at the end I’d gotten used to it.

But really, jerky is what describes the overall feel of the movie pretty accurately. At least, that’s what if felt like to me. The scene changes were kind of abrupt, just like Brandon’s mood swings, and the cutting was very hard in some places.

At times, it also felt a bit like a soap opera. YMMV at this, obviously, but the fact that after she dumped him, he got together with her sister and then some kinda reeks of early-evening entertainment. Also the fact that nobody believes her on account of everybody thinking she wants him back. Of course, nobody ended up impregnated with their mother’s half-stepbrother’s alien baby, and there’s a distinct lack of hair-pulling, so some of the pillars of soap opera are quite missing.

Things I liked about the film: it was really interesting, from a terrifying angle. What on earth would drive somebody mad enough to try and destroy another person’s life so systematically. How does he split up a family that seemed relatively close-knit in the beginning? Brandon, for the first ten minutes or so, seems like the most ordinary guy in the world – how do you tell if somebody you know might turn out a psychopath? For the most part, David played him with an almost deadly calm (and a Scottish accent), threatening in a quiet voice, with his words ringing louder than a shout. There were so many times where the madness just showed in his eyes, quite subtly. Brilliant.

What I also thought interesting was my response to Brandon. The deeper we get into the movie, the more controlling he gets, the more bullyish, I guess. He gets off on the power bad. And he wields it with such terrifying calm and self-assurance and confidence that it’s almost attractive. Except you have to remind yourself that this power trip he’s soaking in comes from effectively making a woman’s life absolute hell. So, watching myself watching this movie was fascinating and leaves me a bit conflicted. After all, don’t we just all like the bad boys?

I… kind of liked the end? I’m a big fan of justice being served, and I’m also a big fan of unusual endings… I wasn’t prepared for this one. I was already leaning back and then came the final shocker. I’m still not entirely sure whether I liked it or not – I half-feel it was probably just a bit too much, but then, it was also quite understandable and, in a way, made sense.

So, general conclusion: worth watching, especially for free, but don’t watch too much Ten beforehand. Cause you don’t want the Doctor sucking his fingers suggestively after the mention of oral sex. (Then again…)


These are the days, where ‘quick, very quick movie reviews’ are almost 1000 words long -.-


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