When the moon is in the 7th house

September 11, 2009 § 10 Comments

It’s 3.20, the middle of the night, I still have a cold from hell, and instead of sleeping it off, I’m blogging. Marvellous.

I still haven’t decided what to post as 100th Ravelry project. This is starting to sound rather silly even to me, but I just can’t. decide. (whether you should live or die, oh you’ll probably go to heaven *does Master dance routine*) However, I have worked on Muir a bit more, done about three and a half rounds on the TARDIS socks, crocheted an entire TARDIS potholder AND done a Baktus scarf in only three days, so the cold’s at least good for something.

No, really. Knitting makes me forget about my headache. At least a bit. At least if it’s garter stitch.

Now, crochet is a whole ‘nother thing. Especially cotton, which isn’t my favoritest material at the best of times. But potholders kind of require cotton, and I found some in just the right shade of Tardis-blue, and potholders are quick… except I hadn’t anticipated how fiddly this was going to be, and how much I’d be ripping back.

I don’t think I’ve ever ripped back so much. Especially not on what is essentially a rectangle with a tiny bit of shaping on the top and bottom. And those weren’t even the parts I kept ripping back. No, at one point, I had this clever idea about crocheting in the windows. So I ripped back twelve rows, crocheted the windows in, then realized it wasn’t going to work, and ripped the twelve rows back again. Started going on in plain blue, realized after eight rows that I’d missed a single edge stitch, ripped back. Went on for six rows, discovered I’d missed the edge stitch on the other side. And so on. And when it got to crocheting on the doors and windows and all that shebang… oh, man. The windows were quite easy, because I crocheted the panes in white embroidery floss, sewed them on, and then just edged them. But the rectangles under them? A nightmare to match up. I ripped back every single one of them (except for the last one, I think) at least five times.

And I still haven’t put ‘POLICE BOX’ on the top. I might just skip that part. Seriously. And so something simpler for the other one. Like… a Dalek. Or make the other one a simple blue rectangle, because there’s only one TARDIS. (that’s actually a pretty good idea… to avoid Belgium!)

Then, Baktus. I chose it because it was simple garter stitch, I kinda needed entertainment while I was out useless on the couch, and everyone in the Gut Betucht shawl/scarf comm on Ravelry was absolutely raving about it. So I wound some HandArt (in Vulkan), with my sister holding the skein… the first obstacle. Honestly. Never met such a dispirited swift-person in my life. Kept losing strands, kept getting tangled up, and didn’t move an inch so the whole occasion took way longer than it should have. I’d venture to say that it didn’t take much longer for Saskia and me to wind 100g of lace yarn, and that’s twice the length of a measly 100g of sock yarn. So, yeah.

Now that I’m finished with Baktus, I have to say… maybe the yarn was a bad choice for this. I dunno. I do love this yarn, I made my Autumn Lace Scarf out of it last year around this time (hooo, that’s creepy! finished baktus exactly a year after ALS!), but somehow with this pattern, it looks a bit like camouflage. It might just be Baktus, though, cause seriously? I don’t know why everybody seems to be so absolutely crazy about it.

I mean, it’s obviously an easy pattern, nothing much to memorize, customizable to no end, you just have to weigh your yarn so you start decreasing at 50%… but let’s face it, it’s a freaking garter stitch triangle. It’s nothing special! I mean a kind of special that goes beyond the holy-crap-I’m-making-fabric-from-a-bit-of-string special. It’s not special in the way that you just have to grit your teeth and plow through the miles and miles of garter stitch, until your persistence pays off in the end. It’s not some great design feature. There isn’t this extraordinary spark of design in it that has you gasping and staring and exclaiming to your non-understanding family, ‘I can’t believe she took this one stitch pattern and this other stitch pattern and this shape and combined into something totally different and unique’. It’s a freaking garter stitch triangle. In 420m of yarn. Which is not much at all.

So, dear Baktus designer, if you read this, don’t take this personally. Please. I did enjoy knitting your pattern, but, you know. It’s not like nobody’s come up with something like this before you.


So, anyway. I’m going to London on Monday! Which is massively exciting and equally terrifying, considering I haven’t done any preparation at all due to being all congested and feverish and generally being a lazy layabout. So tomorrow… well, today, actually, I’ll have to go to the bank to get me some good ol’ Pounds Sterling (legal tender, thank you, Michael McIntyre), wash some clothes, write up a packing and a to-do list, wire some money about, apply for voting by mail, call a company because of my broken bedspring, properly resew the buttons on my leather jacket cause they’re loose, and generally do a lot of random shit I’ve been procrastinating away for about a week.

Oh, and I have to really get cracking on the (not yet cast on) Rose’s Wrist Warmers, because for some reason I did not pack any and what was I thinking, wanting to go to London in September without any sort of hand protection? For all I know, it could be freezing with 24/7 rain when we’re there, and that is just not acceptable without mitts. Good thing I bought that random yarn, it might be just right for this.


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§ 10 Responses to When the moon is in the 7th house

  • Ack, sorry to hear about the cold :S. I’m glad you’re getting over it, and used your time sick wisely. Knitting is fabulous =).

    Ooh! I started watching Torchwood! Ianto = love.

  • wollphilie says:

    Oh, Ianto. Oh, IANTO. Sob. He is very fabulous, especially in the second season, though you do have to wonder how crazy he must be, hooking up with Jack – I don’t know where you are, so I won’t spoiler you, but I guess you’ll know what I mean when you watch it.

    I can almost smell stuff now! It’s brilliant!

  • I’m watching the first season, in the middle of Countrycide. It’s the middle of the night here, and I swear, I’m having nightmares later on.

    Truthfully, Ianto is beautiful, and I want him in my closet, but I love Owen.

    That’s always the best part of the cold- recovery. When you’re so happy that you can smell things that you wander around and smell everything… Ah, colds. I hate them.

  • wollphilie says:

    oh, Countrycide, holy crap. Yeah, Torchwood isn’t one bit less scary than Doctor Who, especially when you’re as easily susceptible to the whole body horror thing as me. But the characters are all very easy to love – with exception of Gwen, maybe, even though Eve Myles is a cutie. Even Rhys! I love Rhys! He’s not all that spectacular in Season 1, but once Season 2 starts, he begins to kick more and more ass, and the Rhys-someness of Season 3 was one thing I really, really loved. Until the end of the fourth day, naturally. I always liked Owen for his sarcasm, but I loved, loved, loved gentle, quiet Tosh who is so smart and gentle and has so much strength buried under the surface. Sometimes, especially towards the end of the second season, I thought she was the strongest and least damaged of them all. When she wasn’t sleeping with aliens.

    Oooh, so you’re past Cyberwoman then! Good! To be honest, that episode didn’t scare me as much back then as it would today, mostly because I didn’t know the horror of the Cybermen. But what I meant when I said how mentally damaged Ianto must be was that Jack fucking EXECUTES his girlfriend. TWICE. And holds a gun to his head threatening to shoot him as well. And yet after two, three months, he is all goo-goo-eyed over his Captain and proposes indecent usages of stopwatches and stuff. Talk about Stockholm’s. So, yeah, I love Ianto to death, but man, a strange heart beats under that waistcoat.

  • I like Gwen well enough, but everyone fusses over her wa-ay too much. Yes, she was shot, but all the shrapnel’s out, and Ianto’s the one who needs attention now! Gah!

    Rhys makes me laugh =).

    I know, right? Okay, execute my girlfriend. I’ll just get it on with you later.

    Tosh is sweet. I like her. Owen owns, though.

  • wollphilie says:

    I dunno about Gwen. She can be funny, and Eve Myles seems like a very nice, funny person as well as being cute as a button, and we find out a lot through her being the poing-of-view-person – but yeah, everyone’s fussing about her so much, and she just makes the most stupid blunders sometimes. I mean, hello, episode two?! They do all fuck up on occasion, but I feel like Gwen’s mistakes are more… basic than the others’. And yet she’s still the center of attention.

    Yeah, I know! I mean, I love Ianto to bits, but I wish there was some more backstory explaining what the hell happened in between. Rationall understanding the reasons why it was necessary to kill Lisa/what was left of her and, you know, getting over the fact that YOUR MATES friggin’ EXECUTED her and then getting it on with the person who is de facto her MURDERER… well, that’s a whole different thing. Especially cause, you know, he seems genuinely in love with Jack.

  • wollphilie says:

    What I do like about Torchwood though, I have to reiterate, is how all those essentially likable characters are all very deeply flawed, and have a pretty controversial past – when you get to 2.12, you’ll see what I mean. It’s great, having flawed heroes. (But then again, Gwen’s not that flawed. Not as damaged. Not as much as every single other person on the team. You know, sometimes Gwen can be very Mary-Sue-ish.)

  • I suppose all her little mistakes are because she’s “still learning”. *rolls eyes*

    I’m watching They Keep Killing Suzie, lol, I get the stopwatch thing. “Give Ianto a stopwatch, and he’s happy.” “It’s the button on the top.” <3 I suppose they left in blank for our imagination to fill in, or something…

    Gwen is exactly a Mary-Sue. I can't think of any faults.

  • wollphilie says:

    haha, watch till the END of the episode! Just you watch! Then you’ll get the whole stopwatch thing XD

  • Lmao, I get the stopwatch! Rrrrawr!

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