I’d walk a thousand miles

September 17, 2009 § 5 Comments

… and not only would I, it feels like I already have. Though, to be honest, when it comes to hard-core touristing, the boys are nowhere near up to par, so it’s less than I would’ve walked with my family. Yesterday I spent about seven hours walking around town, from the Tower over Tower Bridge to Shakespeare’s Globe, over the Millenium Bridge back to the North Bank, St. Paul’s. That’s where the boys gave up, while I continued by tube to Carnaby Street to buy some yarn – yarn! Pretty, pretty, green-and-orange handdyed local yarn at “All the fun of the fair” – a pretty store, very small but rather well-stocked and just cute with its white-and-pink decor. Then I ambled through the West End and Covent Garden, just wandering here and there, having fun with seeing everything… until my feet were ready to give out, my pinkie toes were both a mess of blisters and I’d gotten my first ever blood blister.

The day before that, we went to the National Portrait Gallery, but didn’t do much else due to the absolutely horrific weather. It felt like the Great Flood. I saw a little wave go at least 20 m through a puddle next to the sidewalk. But the Portrait Gallery was nothing short of AMAZING, all those people, all those faces, not two alike. Plus it was kinda empty-ish, which was very, very nice. I wish I could upload photos, but this is the PC in the lounge of the hotel.

My personal favorite in the NPG was this general from WWI, who encouraged the population to knit for the men in the trenches, and introduced the wedge-toed sock that was grafted together in the front with an invisible stitch. The name of the man? Lord Kitchener. (How I know all this? It had a little plaque between his portrait and his bust.)

So, yes, basically I’m having a splendid time. The boys are having some sort of lovers’ quarrel that I’m really sick of, because it drags my mood down as well, but they had better resolve that tonight.

I just finished the TARDIS socks today in an Italian restaurant just off Oxford Street. It’s great, I knit on them basically everywhere. The tube, Piccadilly Circus, the crypt of St Paul’s (on the grave of Joseph Binghamton, Esq.), a bench next to and the steps in front of St Paul’s, the bus to and from the city, Potters’ Field between Tower Bridge and Town Hall… everywhere I went, I knit.

Geeky moments so far: every second of wearing my Doctor Who Scarf, which has stretched even longer after it got all wet the other day. Seeing Canary Wharf Tower, ie Torchwood One, from the Tower Bridge (which is a relief, since I can now scrap the trip I’d planned there, thank god). Freaking out for a second as I walked by the Duke of York’s Theatre – John Simm is in a play there, there’s his face all blown up on posters everywhere around the theatre, and for a second part of me went “OMG HOLY CRAP HAROLD SAXON THE MASTER OMG OMG WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE” except then I remembered it’s all fake. Did I mention wearing the Who Scarf  feels super geeky all the time? I kinda love it, because I feel everybody is staring at me. I wear the badge of geekdom proudly.

I’m still looking forward to our trip to Shepherd’s Bush and the BBC… thing there (I shall take the TARDIS socks. and photograph them in front of the TARDIS there. omg.) , and I’m still working on getting the guys to want to see Cage aux Folles, because I really, really want to see John Barrowman live in action.

Oh, London! Such an exciting, exhausting city!


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§ 5 Responses to I’d walk a thousand miles


    You sound like you’re having a fabulous time. Am super jealous. I hope you’re taking 546575343587325436573254 pictures.

  • wollphilie says:

    I AM! both seeing the Barrowman and taking 546575343587325436573254 pictures of the fabulous time I’m having. It’s crazy. XD I don’t know, if I do go to the stage door afterwards, even if he does give autographs, I’ll probably have to decide between him signing my copy of his bio or taking a picture of him with the socks. I daresay the socks would be more memorable to him, but it’d be kinda nice to have his signature. (What size shoe does he wear? He’s such a geek, would he want the TARDIS socks for himself if they were anywhere near his size?)

  • Lol, I had a dream that I met him. It was very very weird. Do both, but do the socks first, to interest him!

  • wollphilie says:

    Haha, I can already see that. ‘Mr Barrowmaaaan! Can I get a photograph with you holding my sock?!’
    ‘*long, puzzled stare at my cleavage* your… what?’
    ‘*embarrassed blushing* my sock! SOCK! I said sock! didn’t I? somebody tell me my tongue didn’t just slip!’
    ‘what was that about your tongue?’
    ‘OH YES YOU’RE VERY FUNNY MR BARROWMAN now excuse me while I sink into the ground, babbling incoherently from shame…’

    But, yeah, he probably gets asked for his autograph every day of his life. But socks? Maybe not so much.

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