The wheel in the sky keeps on turning

October 10, 2009 § 3 Comments

You know your life is slow when knitting for six hours gives you a head rush. Because you just finished one repeat of Muir.

So, really, this post should by any rights be called ‘Steady as the Beating Drum’, but I’ve been watching more Supernatural than Disney, and so classic rock quote it is.

Anyway. I can now proudly proclaim I have 15 1/2 repeats of Muir plus the lower border done, which equals about 85 hours of work, plus what I spent on knitting those 1.5 repeats and ripping them back because of a simply retarded mistake, so it’s probably closer to 93 hours. Plus I often just pick it up, do a row or two or a half, and then move on to whatever, or get distracted while still holding it in my hands, so I’ve probably spent well over 100 hours with it in my hands already.

And what’s really baffling about these numbers is that for most of that, I’ve been watching stuff. The sheer, mindboggling number of episodes of Doctor Who, Torchwood, Supernatural, Star Trek, Stargate this thing has witnessed… it’s been with me through all my recent phases. It’s crazy.

It’s also now so long I can wrap it around my shoulders to keep me warm while I’m knitting the other end. It’s insane, it’s huge, but it’s not quite long enough. So, yeah, I’ll probably be using all of the yarn I have. I still have 35 grams left, which should yield another… three repeats, so two and a half plus border.

Plus, I mean, I’ve already slogged through 1380 meters of yarn already. That’s only 300m to go. That’s… that’s a pair of socks. I can do that.

It’s funny, now that there’s finally an end in sight – I kinda wish it could go on for a bit longer. That is clearly insane and I’m probably developing some sort of Stockholm’s, but on the other hand, it’s gotten to this semi-meditative state where the pattern is so ingrained that I’m always pleasantly surprised when I look down at my hands and I’m way closer to the end of the row than I thought.

And there’s this rising pride. How much yarn that is! How much fucking yarn! And I’ve almost finished transforming it into something gorgeous and wearable and warm and gorgeous! That I have to figure out how to somehow block, and then… then, I can wear it with pride, pride, and some more incessant pride to the event I planned it for.

And I can finally go camping, and use the monster as a tent, sleeping bag  and air mattress all at once.


Because no post is complete without something entirely unrelated to knitting…



… have some awesome weather and some fucking fantastic soup.


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§ 3 Responses to The wheel in the sky keeps on turning

  • I think you’ve developped Stockhold Syndrome with your Muir. But yaay! You can do it!

    And I agree. That looks like fucking fantastic soup. I just made some potato and cheeeeese soup. ‘Tis very good.

    (Just around the riverbeeeeend!)

  • wollphilie says:

    Oooh, potato and cheese soup does sound fantastic indeed! From scratch or out of the bag? (Not that there’s anything wrong with out-of-the-bag. That’s how I make all my sauces, and half of my soup!)

    You know, I could never really warm up to Just Around The Riverbend. It’s just… I dunno, the registers are too high or something, but I much prefer Virginia Company, or Grandmother ‘My bark’s worse than my bite’ Willow’s songs, or Steady as the Beating Drum, or Savages. As I’m typing this out… I’m pretty sure the only song I like that’s actually sung by Pocahontas is Colors of the Wind, and even there, I like the single version better, because Vanessa Williams’ voice isn’t quite that high.

    But then, I’m a sucker for deep voices, hence my recent fall to Supernatural addiction (oh god Dean), which… makes it depressing to be a lesbian. Ah well.

  • It’s from scratch :). And it’s all gone now, even though I doubled the recipe. Mmm…

    I like a lot of Disney songs. Colours of the Wind is much better than Riberbend, I agree, but still, they’re so catchy, and once you hear a bit, you just remember all the lyrics.

    Hell, I know Lion King off by heart. The whole movie. Is this sad, or really epic?

    Deep voices, agreed. Omnomnom. My friend has such a nice voice, almost like Morgan Freeman :P.

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