Don’t you cry no more

October 15, 2009 § 3 Comments

4.00pm – finished last pattern row of Muir, i.e. Row 1 after the last pattern repeat. Now, only a bit of purling and garter stitch to go.

4.16pm – a bathroom break and a couple of Supernatural expository scenes later, I AM DONE WITH THE BODY OF THIS BITCH. Now only the border to go. Will have to decide between another SPN ep or Cheaper by the Dozen in half an hour; money’s on SPN though. So much work got done on this baby watching scary shit, I figure I should be keeping with the theme right to the end.

6.09pm – a cracking tomato soup made and eaten as well as finished the last row! Now, only 157 stitches to bind off. Plus all those teeny tiny picots.

7.26pm – sluggish progress, but… I’m done.

Holy fuck, I’m done.



§ 3 Responses to Don’t you cry no more

  • YAAAY! *happydances*

    Block that puppy, and I want to see some pictures!

    (PS- I had a presentation due today, and I used “Song of Captivity and Freedom” in my PowerPoint. I feel incredibly and amazingly geeky.)

  • wollphilie says:

    oooh yay geekiness! what was the presentation about?

    Haha, yeah, blocking… I gotta head out and buy some aluminum or fiberglass rods or something for blocking wires, since there’s no way I’m blocking with pins. (and even if I was, I’d have to get some more than my measly 200 pins :P)

  • Sweatshops, so it makes total sense XD.

    Oie. Good luck with that.

    (PS. That Latin writer? Martial.)

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