Enjoy the Silence

October 17, 2009 § 3 Comments

I’m proud to be able to consider myself a good friend. I’m loyal, I make great tea, and my friends know that if they need me, all they need to do is call and I’ll be over there as fast as I can.

But dude, I don’t remember it being so exhausting. I went over to Christian’s last night, because he was pretty beat up about the trouble he and his boyfriend were having yet again, and the time-tested solution to that is company, tea, alcohol and some movies you can geek out on. Which we did, and I lent a sympathetic ear and knit a bit, and we went to bed late and got up around 12 or so, and it was all like old times.

But now I’m home, and I’m so… drained. I just shut myself in my room; I can’t bear company right now. Or sound. I don’t even have music on.

How did I ever survive our hard-core seeing-each-other-every-day-for-two-weeks times?


To distract myself… STUFF I’VE MADE.

Awesome tomato soup (pureed tomatoes, crème fraiche, chicken broth, spices including lots of basil and a bit of chili).

IMG_5505 IMG_5503
Another Baktus, in Zitron Gobi (40/30/30 Merino/Camel/Alpaca), that I did as a big-needle-fat-yarn-instant-gratification project after Muir, and gave to Saskia because I realized I don’t really wear purple. I’ll have to buy some more of that yarn though, it’s delicious. Not in purple, though.

IMG_5512 IMG_5515
A plain garter stitch triangular shawl, to use up my sock yarn scraps. None of that pansy thin-stripes shit like the first SYS, just take a scrap ball and knit it till there’s nothing left. Seriously, I need to get rid of so many tiny useless balls that I somehow can’t seem to throw away. Cast on yesterday as I was taking the tram to Christian’s; very proud of my progress.


The thing that’s been giving me grey hair since June, that I’ve been obsessing and worrying about, until it became my anchor and… friend, I guess, and still I’m beyond relieved it’s finally finished, though as of yet unblocked… Ladies and gentlemen, I give you….



Still need to block that bitch, though.


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