It’s an overload in my head

October 28, 2009 § 9 Comments

I’m really pleased. Muir blocked fine – I’ll have to redo the foot or so where the wires ended, it’s kinda dumb that it’s not quite as stretched-out as it could be, but it’s not an immediate concern. I have to weave in the ends, anyway, so, eh.

Also, the contrast color for my top-down raglan came – a gorgeous gold color, better than I imagined. Very pretty. Now I only have to figure the numbers out, and chart a Starbucks symbol, and… start knitting. Ahaha.

My copy of ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’ arrived, too. (And ink cartridges for my printer. I had three packages waiting for me. New record.) I haven’t read that far, and I’m not intimately familiar with the original due to the fact that I abhor Jane Austen – but the five or so pages of PaPaZ I’ve read were absolutely hysterical. I am becoming rather convinced most books would benefit hugely from a zombie invasion.

Does Pride and Predjudice and Zombies count as fanfic? Huh.


Anyway. Yes, awesome materialistic things – but mentally, I’m exhausted. Too little me-time. Came back from Christian way late last night, at like 12.45 am, unpinned the shawl and read a bit, got back up at 7.15, spent all days at class or in the canteen or baking and doing our translation homework with Christian and Saskia and then walking Christian to the tram station and going back and watching Supernatural with Saskia and all in all, the only quiet times I’ve had today are bathroom breaks. And not even all of them, since Ulla and Saskia and me were talking and laughing in the bathroom at uni.

So, yeah. Head, meet wall. All walls. In a shower of blood and brain chunks.


Speaking of brain chunks (braiiiiiins!) last night we watched ‘My Bloody Valentine 3D’ at Christian’s, sadly in 2D.

It’s a bit of a splatter movie, yes. I mean, there’s a guy with a gas mask (are you my mommy?) going around killing people with his pickaxe in the most bloody and gory ways possible, and LOTS of people get their eyes poked out through the back of their heads or their lower jaws ripped off and gross stuff like that.

I tell you, it’s hilarious. Seriously.

The main reason we watched it was because Jensen Ackles is in it, and I hadn’t seen an actual horror movie in ages, but it was so predictable. Like, really predictable.  I’m not 100% sure how seriously they took themselves, but there were so many clichés that I’m almost positive they were in there for the comedic effect. I mean… a pug, and a midget lady, and some blond chick running around in nothing but high heels for about five minutes before she gets brutally murdered, and some guy trying to scare his girlfriend except thirty seconds later his eye is about half a foot in front of his face, stuck on the tip of the pickaxe that just smashed through his skull… that’s pretty freaking hilarious to me.

Or maybe I’m just sick like that.

What I’m saying, however, is that they had lots and lots of effects that must have been really great in 3D – stuff coming towards you, tons of it (including the aforementioned pug and midget lady) so… yeah. I’ll have to see if I can get my hands on that one. It’d be awesome.


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