I feel rivers overflowing

October 29, 2009 § 2 Comments

Living here is never as awesome as in autumn. The tree in front of the church turns this breathtaking shade of gold, and I don’t even mind the clouds hanging low, because… it’s autumn.

I’d take the time to recommend and/or extensively quote Robert Frost’s Nothing gold can stay, except it would clash grossly with the CCR headline of this post. So, pictures instead.

IMG_5679 IMG_5693

(This is what I see every day. From my room, from the bathroom, from the kitchen if I leave the doors open… I’m so lucky to live here!)

IMG_5689 IMG_5691

The Garter Stitch Bitch is coming along awesomely… it’s gonna be bigger than the first SYS, and slightly more subdued in the color choices. Slightly. As in, no reds. Greens, blues, purples, a bit of gray, a bit of gold, but all in all, slightly more subdued. But then, it’s hard to get less crazy, color-wise, than the SYS.

And also, I’m actually getting rid of the scraps this time around. The only colors I used up on the SYS were the hot pink, the spring green from the Grasshoppers, and the teeny bit of Atlantic from the cowl. And the other scraps I just reduced to an even less workable amount.

Not with this one.

I’m almost done with the Opal Hundertwasser, and then it’s 30 g of brown-purple and 9 g of purple, and then I’m DOOOOONE.

The last two rows of brown will go to a [k2tog, yo] and the row back, and then one row purple, and then bind-off. Woot.


I also got the second season of Grey’s Anatomy. Which is made of so much awesomeness I can’t believe I ever forgot how awesome it is. There’s Addi, there’s Mark, George is still alive, and… omg. Excuse me while I hyperventilate about Denny, because Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s voice makes me gooey inside, and even more about Callie, who at this point practically glows with self-confidence and cockiness and it just blows me away. Not that I don’t like the current lesbian twist (hell, I think it’s brilliant and I’d like nothing more than invite Callie and Arizona over to my place) but it’s nice to see her so carefree and angstless.

Oh man, the drama.


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§ 2 Responses to I feel rivers overflowing

  • Grey’s Anatomy too? Lol :). My friend is obsessed. I’ve only ever seen the first three seasons, though.

    GSB looks lovely, and the view from your bathroom is ah-maaazing.


  • wollphilie says:

    oh, yeah. I’ve been a fan of GA for years, I just haven’t been obsessing too much recently because… I don’t know, actually. Probably because there’s only this one new episode every week, and I’ve been watching more SPN or DW. It’s a lovely series, though; awesome characters, funny stuff, just the right amount of drama – good stuff!

    I know, right? This is what I see when I actually manage to crank open my eyes in the morning, pre-coffee. Sometimes I sit down on the toilet while brushing my teeth just so I can enjoy the view.

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