Smoooooooooooooke on the water

October 30, 2009 § 2 Comments

After two weeks and a 50 minute bind-off – the Sock Yarn Shawl Two – Garter Stitch Bitch is DONE.

A project that incidentally has the same initials as the German Spy Book, a shared journal of Adam and me after I left for Germany when my foreign exchange year was over.

Ah, garter stitch. Calming, monotonous, wonderful garter stitch. Honestly, with all the Spanish craziness, I don’t really have a mind for much more intricate patterns. I’m already ogling Baktus again as a next project, too.

But this isn’t a post about planned projects. It’s a post about finished ones. Cause I really don’t wanna tag this in the WIP category.

So, yes. Stats.

The GSB weighs in at a whoppin’ 310 grams, and uses 12 different yarns. These range from Drachenwolle (the first two) to Zitron (3-6, 8, 11), plant-dyed indie yarn (7), Lana Grossa Meilenweit (9), Opal Hundertwasser (11) and last but not least, the one row plus bindoff in Brown Sheep luxury sock yarn (12). There’s 124 yarnover holes on each side in the second-to-last row of #11, which puts the cast-off somewhere in the vicinity of 500 stitches. Unstretched, it spans about 2.2 meters and is approximately 1 meter deep at the point. There are (only) 24 ends I have yet to weave in, of which only half are actually at an edge, the others are distributed unevenly in the body. Leftovers constitute of about 1.5 g of Brown Sheep and bits and pieces here and there. Not more.

This isn’t every project I’ve worked on in the last year, but it’s a pretty good cross section: the green tweed, the purple-brown and the deep blue are from last year’s Christmas present frenzy. The Opal is from my endless procrastination during the exam phase at the end of my first semester of uni, the Lana Grossa is from Tyler’s Rocky socks. I bought the Brown Sheep while visiting my host family in March. The Brazil is from the socks I made while I was still so very enthusiastic about Portuguese, the brown-teal-orange is left over from the Wave socks for my roomie. I knit on the green-yellow-orange flamé yarn while sitting in the city surrounded by crazy goth people. The plant-dyed gold I bought at the Leipziger Wollefest is mostly a pair of Kirk-socks I still haven’t duplicate stitched the Starfleet logo on. The blue-and-purple was dragged all over London while the second TARDIS sock was still attached to it.

And the very first Drachenwolle? Was something I bought at the first Leipziger Wollefest, in May 2008, when I’d just finished my application test for uni here, and was floating on Cloud Nine with my now ex-girlfriend.

What a year and a half it’s been. I’m content.


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